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Antimicrobial Pillows & Lavender Oil Disinfectant Sprays

Bamboo Fiber Pillowcases, Antimicrobial Sheets & Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Reach for lavender oil disinfectant spray to quickly clean and refresh bedrooms in your home. Get antimicrobial pillows, lavender oil disinfectant spray, bleach free daily disinfectant and other ingenious products all in one place, at SQUIX. We have antimicrobial bamboo fiber pillowcases that are luxuriously soft and may help with allergy flare-ups. Look for hand sanitizing wipes. bamboo fiber pillowcases and antimicrobial crib sheets for more hypoallergenic products for nurseries and bedrooms.

Use lavender oil disinfectant spray to tackle grime, dust and germs, and protect your home against pathogens. Keep extra antimicrobial pillows and bamboo fiber pillowcases on hand for when company stays through the holidays. Along with bamboo fiber pillowcases, consider a portable sanitizing vacuum that quickly grabs dirt, hair and other grime from the carpeted areas in bedrooms. And keep hand sanitizing wipes available in rooms for visiting guests.

Clean with lavender oil disinfectant spray cleaners that tackle grime and battle bacteria. Get 40 winks on antimicrobial pillows.

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Try a lavender oil disinfectant spray to cut through grime on windows.

You'll feel better using lavender oil disinfectant spray and other products available at SQUIX that contain natural ingredients that battle germs. Look for antimicrobial pillows, antimicrobial crib sheets and many other innovative household products that are next-level bacteria fighters. These bamboo fiber pillowcases, portable sanitizing vacuums and antimicrobial pillows are ideal for rooms like nurseries, your bedroom and guest rooms for friends and family members. Consider other products like hand sanitizing wipes that will keep bacteria at bay in the home and when you're on the road.

What makes products like lavender oil disinfectant spray so effective are powerful natural ingredients, such as acetic acid in vinegar that kills mycobacteria and TB bacteria. Stock up on antimicrobial pillows and get plenty of bleach free daily disinfectant that defends against illness-causing germs without leaving behind chemical residues or odors. Along with bamboo fiber pillowcases, look for inventive sprays like antibacterial pillow mist that uses a natural formula to tackle the germs can cause acne or cause allergies to flare. Don't pass up hand sanitizing wipes, and choose other products that contain ingredients like organic soap and essential oils.

Mist a lavender oil disinfectant spray in the nursery, master bedroom and guest room, and breathe in the refreshing light lavender scent from this natural cleaner that's available at SQUIX. Sleep on antimicrobial pillows and look for other household mists, sprays and disinfectants that offer lovely fragrances for an added bonus of aromatherapy. Place bamboo fiber pillowcases in bedrooms, and consider household cleaners with citrus notes. We have hand sanitizing wipes, bleach free daily disinfectant and other bacteria-fighting cleaning products that leave fragrant scents like lemon, lemongrass or tea tree oil after cleaning.

With an effective lavender oil disinfectant spray, cut through grease in the kitchen while killing common household pathogens. You'll appreciate antimicrobial pillows that are an hypoallergenic alternative to conventional pillows, and these antimicrobial products also combat dust mites and let cooling air flow through the pillow. We have bamboo fiber pillowcases that feel luxuriously soft and come in cheery colors for kids' bedrooms and your bedroom. Stock up on convenient hand sanitizing wipes for guest rooms and consider antimicrobial crib sheets for the nursery.
Products 1 - 20 of 27

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