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Pet Bowl Cleaner & Antibacterial Dish Cleaner

Dish Scrubbing Pad & Disinfecting Pet Bowl Scrubber

Get antimicrobial pet products at SQUIX and start cleaning your pet’s bowls more effectively, saving you time and money on additional cleaners. Try a scrubbing pet bowl cleaner to remove tough food, stains and water lines on pet bowls, all by simply wetting the disinfecting pet bowl scrubber. Use an antibacterial dish cleaner like a dish scrubbing pad to remove the scent of the last meal, so your pet enjoys a clean eating surface each meal. After use, wash the dish scrubbing pad in the sink or in the washing machine and it’s ready to clean again.

When looking for antimicrobial pet products for your pet’s food and water bowls, get a dish scrubbing pad that eliminates germs as well. Use a dual-sided pet bowl cleaner to easily separate dish cleaning from other surface cleaning.

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Make the antimicrobial pet products that we carry must-haves for your pet’s food bowls.

Pick up antimicrobial pet products, like a disinfecting pet bowl scrubber at SQUIX, and make cleaning your pet’s bowls a little easier and a little more effective. With a pet bowl cleaner and some water, even the most stuck-on wet cat food is no problem. Also, an antibacterial dish cleaner removes food-borne bacteria, so the last meal doesn’t pass anything onto the next. A dish scrubbing pad effectively removes all traces of a previous meal, so if you tried a new food that your furry friend disliked, the scent won’t linger in the dish.

Bring antimicrobial pet products with you wherever you take your pet and make sure you’re not leaving anything unwanted behind after your visits. With a pet bowl cleaner, feed your dog out of another pet's dish, and quickly clean it before you leave. A dual-sided antibacterial dish cleaner also allows you to quickly clean up and spills or messes your pet’s food might have left on the ground. A dish scrubbing pad is even necessary for water bowls, removing hard water stains that build up and leave semi-permanent lines if left too long.
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