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Alcohol Free Hand Wipes & Travel Size Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Portable Coat Hanger & Purse Hanger Hook

Pick up food safe hand sanitizer wipes at SQUIX for your car and baby bag and, wherever you go, take effective and gentle germ-killers with you. Not only are alcohol free hand wipes effective at destroying germs on hands, but they are gentle and moisturizing on your little one’s hands. At a restaurant, travel size hand sanitizer wipes make before- and after-dinner cleanup quick and easy without the need to use the public restroom. Also, the portable coat hanger we carry allows you to keep your bags and jackets elevated, so they aren’t placed on the ground with the germs.

Use food safe hand sanitizer wipes on your baby’s skin before meals and don't worry about chemicals. Plus, alcohol free hand wipes come in travel-friendly packages to bring on the road with you.

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Keep food safe hand sanitizer wipes in your baby bag and gently kill germs on your baby’s skin when soap and water aren't an option.

The food safe hand sanitizer wipes and other dining products at SQUIX are ideal whether you’re at home or away. Using alcohol free hand wipes before and after restaurant meals takes the chore out of cleanup and leaves your baby’s skin smooth and moisturized. Use travel size hand sanitizer wipes made without harmful chemicals, so you rest easy if your baby puts their little hands in their mouths after use. Also take along a portable coat hanger so you can hang your jacket or purse off the table and avoid picking up germs on the floor.

When you’re out, food safe hand sanitizer wipes make it easy to kill germs on your little one’s hands after a day at the park. Alcohol free hand wipes also come in small packages, a perfect size to keep in your purse or in the car for after restaurant dining or the drive-thru. Along with travel size hand sanitizer wipes, we also carry other dining-friendly products like a purse hanger hook that keeps your goods off of the restaurant or car floors while you eat. Plus, the portable coat hanger holds a significant amount of weight, so use it to hold up your diaper bag, while you wipe down your baby.
Products 1 - 3 of 3

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