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Antibacterial Sanitizers & Antibacterial Facial Tissues

Travel Toiletries & Toothbrush Travel Covers

When leaving home, take travel size antibacterial products with you in your purse, briefcase or backpack. The antibacterial sanitizers at SQUIX, like toothbrush travel covers and hand sanitizers, are useful nearly anywhere you go. In the car, antibacterial facial tissues ensure that coughing or sneezing passengers don’t pass on whatever germs they have. At work, travel toiletries allow you to cleanup and kill germs without needing soap and water each time.

Bring along travel size antibacterial products when you walk out your door and kill germs anywhere. The antibacterial sanitizers we carry are as powerful as household cleaning products but portable enough to travel.

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We carry travel size antibacterial products that pack easily in carry-ons.

For any size trip, travel size antibacterial products take the stress out of being away from home. With antibacterial sanitizers by your side, like the portable hand sanitizers at SQUIX, going camping away from soap and water doesn’t mean your hands need to collect and hold onto germs. Along with antibacterial facial tissues, we also carry travel toothbrush covers which protect your bristles from germs in your luggage or on public countertops. Even at hotels, travel toiletries allow you to take germ control into your own hands, rather than relying on the hotel staff.

There’s more to travel size antibacterial products than just long trips because everyday outings need quick cleanups as well. With antibacterial sanitizers in your purse, you easily clean off your family’s hands after a day at the park. Keep antibacterial facial tissues and hand sanitizers with you to wipe down your hands after grocery shopping and forget about bringing home bacteria. In addition to travel toiletries, we also carry products like filtered water bottles which ensure that your drinking water is clean for those long walks and hikes.
Products 1 - 4 of 4

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