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Antimicrobial Door Mats & Disinfectant Concentrate

All Purpose Disinfecting Cleaners & Disinfectants with Bleach

Start with an antimicrobial door mat available at SQUIX and then discover other essential household products, like antibacterial sponges and hospital grade disinfectants. Use disinfectant concentrate products to clean the kitchen floor, kitchen countertops and for removing mold and mildew in bathrooms. Arm yourself with all purpose disinfecting cleaners that kill up to 99% of pathogens such as the viruses that cause the flu and colds. We have disinfectants with bleach and other products from names you trust, such as Clorox and Seventh Generation.

Your antimicrobial door mat can pick up to 90% of the dirt, grime and mud that feet and paws might otherwise track into your home, and these mats are attractive décor. Look for a disinfectant concentrate that really stretches your cleaning power by making gallons of cleaner from a few ounces. Give all purpose disinfecting cleaners as part of welcoming baskets for new neighbors because these cleaners are as versatile as they are powerful. Break out disinfectants with bleach when you need to tackle tough water or rust stains, and these disinfectant cleaners clean surfaces without leaving streaks or chemical residue.

Welcome guests with an antimicrobial door mat that catches mud and dirt. A little disinfectant concentrate goes a long way.

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An antimicrobial door mat helps keep pets' paws from tracking in grime.

For an antimicrobial door mat that helps remove mud and grime before they enter your house, discover the antimicrobial products available at SQUIX. Along with mats, find disinfectant concentrate products such as hospital grade disinfectants in liquid form. With these all purpose disinfecting cleaners and other household cleaners, keep every room in your home sparkling clean while protecting your family members against illness-causing bacteria and viruses. We have disinfectants with bleach and other household products that are ideal for removing set-in stains and cleaning up sudden spills.

What makes an antimicrobial door mat work is a specially formulated antimicrobial treatment that actually bonds with the fibers of the door mat so dirt and bacteria are stopped. Consider a disinfectant concentrate as well as an antimicrobial door mat, and browse for concentrate products that make several gallons of disinfectant cleaner from just a few ounces. You'll appreciate how all purpose disinfecting cleaners can kill up to 99.9% of pathogens, such as Influenza A virus, H1N1 and Rhinovirus type 37, which is also known as the common cold. We have disinfectants with bleach that quickly remove mold and mildew as well as bacteria.

Give an antimicrobial door mat for a housewarming gift for new neighbors, or as part of a wedding package of useful antibacterial and antimicrobial products and cleaners that are available at SQUIX. A little disinfectant concentrate goes a long way, and you'll like how little space these concentrates take up in your storage areas. All purpose disinfecting cleaners are must-haves for new homeowners or if you're just moving into an apartment and are cramped for space because these versatile disinfectant cleaners can be used in many rooms. Use all purpose disinfectants with bleach to clean bathrooms, kitchen floors and surfaces and to remove dirt and bacteria from nurseries.

Along with an antimicrobial door mat, consider other germ-fighting products the home, such as hospital grade disinfectant cleaners for the shower and tub. Stock up on disinfectant concentrate, and look for shower and tub cleaners that tackle stubborn hard water stains, and these bathroom cleaners can save time and labor. After purchasing all purpose disinfecting cleaners, look for products like durable antimicrobial sponges that scrub away baked-on foods. Browse the disinfectants with bleach that we carry, and try other products, such as hospital-safe antimicrobial face masks for working in the garden and in dusty areas, such as the garage.
Products 1 - 10 of 10

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