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Disinfecting Yoga Mats & Disinfecting Gym Accessories

Antimicrobial Travel Bags & Antibacterial Gym Bags

While you work out, antimicrobial travel bags are working for you, inhibiting the growth of bacteria in and around your stored gear. Unlike many antibacterial gym bags and other disinfecting gym accessories, the products at SQUIX not only fight germs, they are also light and durable for easy and effective travel. Since disinfecting yoga mats need to be cleaned less, the life of the product is extended as well. Plus, the disinfecting gym accessories don’t require cleaning products which leave harsh chemical residues on the gear.

With antimicrobial travel bags, cleaning and caring for your gym gear doesn’t have to be a workout. Antibacterial gym bags not only better protect your stuff from germs, but they also store more stuff than most gym bags.

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Start carrying antimicrobial travel bags and stop carrying germs around with your gym gear.

Take antimicrobial travel bags to work with your gym gear and work essentials inside, without worrying about germs being transferred between items. Antibacterial gym bags allow you to even leave your gym clothes and shoes in the bag between workouts without mold, mildew or other bacteria growing. Similarly, the disinfecting yoga mats at SQUIX fend off germs, so you don’t bring home germs from the gym. Store other disinfecting gym accessories in your gym bag and work out away from home with the same comfort you have at home.

Not only for gyms, antimicrobial travel bags also are ideal for traveling and keeping your luggage better protected from germs. In addition to antibacterial gym bags, we also carry other disinfecting gym accessories that have multiple uses like sprays and wipes. Stock up on disinfecting yoga mats and give them to the people in your life who love working out as much as you do. Like all the disinfecting gym accessories we carry, your comfort, no matter where you are, is our main concern.
Products 1 - 2 of 2

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