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Antimicrobial Pet Grooming Mitt & Antifungal Pet Spray

Antibacterial Pet Shampoo & Pet Cleaning Cloth

Having the right antibacterial pet products near at hand is necessary when you have a pet. The antimicrobial pet grooming mitt and other products at SQUIX not only remove dirt and grime from your animals but they kill germs as well. Try an antifungal pet spray to fight bacteria and infections on your animal so small skin irritations stay small. Also, antibacterial pet shampoo removes germs from paws and fur, so they don’t get transferred to your furniture.

Let antibacterial pet products help you groom your pet wherever you are. With an antimicrobial pet grooming mitt and antibacterial pet shampoo, no mess is too big for you to handle.

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Keep fur clean with antibacterial pet products and keep your furniture clean in the process.

When out and about, antibacterial pet products from SQUIX allow you to clean your pet if and when they get messy at the dog park. After a walk, an antimicrobial pet grooming mitt removes any bacteria that was picked up along the trail, or off of it. Similarly, having antifungal pet spray in your car or dog bag gives you the ability to quickly disinfect any cuts that might have occurred before they get any worse through infection. Wash your pet with antibacterial pet shampoo after a day of swimming at the lake and eliminate any bacteria picked up from the water.

Give the gift of antibacterial pet products to pet owners in your life and save them the money it costs to professionally groom a pet. Offer an antimicrobial pet grooming mitt and towels that don’t use or require chemicals to remove germs, meaning there is no leftover residue on your pet’s fur. Also, by giving antifungal pet spray to the pet owners in your life, you help protect the health of the animal, showing you care for their entire family. Whether it’s antibacterial pet shampoo, a pet cleaning cloth or all of the antibacterial pet products we carry, we have the gifts that pet lovers want and need.
Products 1 - 5 of 5

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