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Antimicrobial Kitchen Towels & Antibacterial Hand Soap

Dish Soap, Disinfectants without Bleach & Kitchen Disinfectants

Reach for antimicrobial kitchen towels that use micro-fibers to pick up hidden dirt and bacteria trapped on surfaces. Along with towels, consider antibacterial hand soap, liquid kitchen disinfectants and Dawn Antibacterial Dish Soap, which are all available at SQUIX. Wash dishes with a dish soap that not only cuts through grease and baked-on food, but also sanitizes your hands and leaves them velvety soft. Try soaps or disinfectants without bleach that never dry-out your hands, and many liquid hand and dish soaps are available in an array of economical sizes.

Use antimicrobial kitchen towels to soak up wine spills at parties, or use these must-have kitchen cleansers for weekly cleaning when you want to get down deep and really kill harmful germs. Antibacterial hand soap and other products eliminate bacteria, and many kill salmonella and E. coli. Browse for a dish soap, and discover other essential antibacterial and antimicrobial kitchen products, such as bamboo kitchen utensils and bamboo cutting boards. The powerful disinfectants without bleach that we have won't leave chemical odors and can offer lovely scents, like pear and apple blossom.

Antimicrobial kitchen towels are indispensable tools in the battle to keep you kitchen clean. Clean up with antibacterial hand soap that also moisturizes your hands.

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Antimicrobial kitchen towels tackle bacteria, grease and dirt and provide streak-free cleaning.

Keep plenty of antimicrobial kitchen towels in your kitchen, and invest in top-quality liquid kitchen cleaner, dish soaps and other products for the home that are available at SQUIX. We have antibacterial hand soap, disinfecting cleaners and other household products from the names you know and trust to get the job done. Look for dish soap, kitchen disinfectants, kitchen towels and other cleaning items from brands like Lysol, e-cloth and Clorox. Start with liquid disinfectants and then accumulate all of the antibacterial cleaners you need to keep your home sparkling and defended against harmful bacteria.

You'll appreciate antimicrobial kitchen towels for their convenience, and you'll reach for these handy cleaning tools anytime there's a sudden spill on counters, tabletops or the floor. Like a good antibacterial hand soap, antibacterial kitchen towels are vital around the house. Look for a dish soap, and stock up on plenty of kitchen towels that soak up juice spills, pet accidents and more, and these kitchen cloths won't leave harmful irritants and chemicals. These disinfectant wipes without bleach use ultra-thin fibers to trap germs, grease and dirt.

Along with antimicrobial kitchen towels at SQUIX, browse for antibacterial hand soaps that quickly remove grime and defend your family's hands from illness-causing germs that can lead to lost school days and lost work for you. Try an antibacterial hand soap that kills bacteria, including E. coli and listeria, so hands are crystal clean and sanitized. We also carry dish soap products that tackle grease, burnt-on food and tough cooked-in food stains, and these dish soaps can feature lovely scents, such as apple blossoms. Some are disinfectants without bleach, and the dish soaps also serve as effective antibacterial hand soaps.

After choosing the antimicrobial kitchen towels that you need to keep your food preparation area shining, discover the other kitchen cleaning products we have, such as antibacterial mops and replacement mop heads. Wash regularly with an antibacterial hand soap, and try a germ-fighting mop head that picks up dirt from surfaces including vinyl laminate, ceramic, tile, hardwood, stone, linoleum and concrete. For families, consider dish soap products and other products in large and economical sizes so you have cleaning power on hand at all times. We have many disinfectants without bleach as well as other products made with natural ingredients that are strong against bacteria and grime but easy on the environment.
Products 1 - 20 of 60

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