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Wool Dryer Balls & Lavender Oil for Laundry

Antimicrobial Dish Soap & Antimicrobial Door Mats

Combine wool dryer balls with essential lavender oil for a recipe for butter-soft laundry that has less static and wrinkles. Look for lavender oil for laundry, wool dryer balls and other laundering products at SQUIX. Reusable dryer balls such as Woolzies dryer balls can be used for laundering up to 1000 times and these breakthrough laundry products can reduce drying time by up to 25 percent, so you're saving time and energy. Pair lavender oil with Woolzies dryer balls and try other essential oils, such as lemon oil for lovely, citrus-scented clothes, bedding and towels.

Wool dryer balls can be handmade from 100 percent pure wool from New Zealand, and these reusable dryer balls may be made without chemicals. Along with lavender oil for laundry, try mixing a few drops of lavender oil or lemon oil with water for a natural cleaner that's also antibacterial. Browse the sizes of reusable dryer balls that you want, and get an antibacterial door mat for your front door and catch grime before it enters your house. Woolzies dryer balls may not contain PVC, which can often be contained in conventional plastic dryer balls.

Use wool dryer balls to transform laundering from a chore into a pleasure. Mix lavender oil for laundry with wool dryer balls.

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Along with wool dryer balls, consider antibacterial dish soap and antimicrobial door mats.

Wool dryer balls are a laundering revolution that you can't miss, and look for reusable dryer balls from brands such as Woolzies at SQUIX. Mix lavender oil for laundry with wool dryer balls for even fresher-scented and softer laundry. You'll love how these reusable dryer balls cut down drying time so frequent laundering feels like less of a chore. Along with Woolzies dryer balls, browse our many other ingenious antibacterial and antimicrobial products, liquid cleaners and spray disinfectants for the mudroom that are must-haves for fighting pathogens.

Stock up on wool dryer balls because these hardworking household inventions are unlike traditional fabric softeners. Get plenty of lavender oil for laundry, and toss wool dryer balls into your dryer for ultra-soft cotton T-shirts, designer jeans, socks, bath towels and wash cloths. Reusable dryer balls not only soften fabrics and leave clothes smelling fragrant, but the dryer balls also help eliminate static and wrinkles. Additionally, Woolzies dryer balls and other wool balls for the dryer can reduce clothes drying time by an average of 25 percent.

Combine wool dryer balls such as Woolzies dryer balls with lavender oil for the freshest, softest laundry yet. It's easy to mix lavender oil for laundry with dryer balls: just add your desired amount of essential lavender oil to the wool dryer balls and throw the dryer balls back into a non-heated dryer. Reusable dryer balls can last up to 1000 loads, and lavender oil for laundry can also be be diluted to make a strong and natural cleaning solution. Using Woolzies dryer balls with lavender oil cuts down on your laundering time so you'll have more time for your kids or quiet time for yourself, and find wool dryer balls and lavender oil in different sizes at SQUIX.

Along with wool dryer balls, look for other household products and cleaners on the cutting-edge of germ-fighting technology. Browse for lavender oil for laundry and discover other soothingly fragrant essential oils that you can use for laundry, such as lemon oil, and these oils are antibacterial as well. After finding the reusable dryer balls that you need, consider antibacterial dish soap that cuts through grease, baked-on food and fights harmful bacteria. Keep Woolzies dryer balls in your laundry or mudroom, and place antibacterial door mats in front of outside doors to catch grime and mud from shoes and paws.
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