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Antibacterial Burp Cloth & Hand Sanitizing Wipes for Babies

Disinfectant Sprays without Bleach & Antibacterial Baby Gear

Bring antimicrobial baby bibs with you in your baby bag to keep germs, like food-borne bacteria, away from your baby’s skin. Similarly, an antibacterial burp cloth from SQUIX works the same way, removing bacteria but also inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the fabric. Keep products like hand sanitizing wipes for babies in your baby bag, so you don’t need to rely on public sanitizers, which may have harsh chemicals. Like disinfectant sprays without bleach, the antibacterial baby gear and disinfectants we carry are meant to be effective but still gentle on your baby’s skin.

Take antimicrobial baby bibs and other antibacterial baby gear with you wherever you go. Bring an antibacterial burp cloth and antimicrobial onesies along to have the comfort of home.

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Meals are easier with antimicrobial baby bibs and the other antibacterial baby gear.

Even at home, the antimicrobial baby bibs at SQUIX are necessary to keep liquid off and away from your baby’s skin. And antibacterial burp cloths stay fresher between washes, saving you time and money on laundry. While hand sanitizing wipes for babies may seem useful only outside, they make quick work of small messes in the home too, so each cleanup doesn’t require soap and water. Don’t forget to grab disinfectant sprays without bleach, so recently cleaned high-touch surfaces don’t transfer residues to little hands or mouths.

Use antimicrobial baby bibs whenever you’re eating out and protect your baby’s clothes from spills, so every meal doesn’t require a change. Throw antibacterial burp cloth back in your baby bag after wiping down your little one and don’t worry about odor-causing bacteria growing in the moist fabrics. When on the go, hand sanitizing wipes for babies make it easy to clean dirt and grime off your baby’s hands, even if you’re at the park with no bathroom in sight. Plus, disinfectant sprays without bleach are perfect for cleaning off restaurant high chairs before your little one starts to eat.
Products 1 - 7 of 7

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