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Antimicrobial Cotton Blankets & Swaddling Blankets

Baby Blankets, Antimicrobial Baby Blankets & Fitted Crib Sheets

Add antimicrobial cotton blankets, available at SQUIX, to any nursery. The antimicrobial swaddling blankets reduce the germs, mold and mildew that can cause odor. These antimicrobial baby blankets are also warm and cozy baby blankies that keep your baby comfortable. Also use antimicrobial crib sheets for enhanced germ protection in your baby’s room.

Rely on antimicrobial cotton blankets to avoid germs that can cause illness in newborns. Antimicrobial swaddling blankets reduce the presence of bacteria to which babies are highly susceptible. These baby blankets can be laid out on the floor and used as soft play mats when needed. Select antimicrobial crib sheets to get the same germ-fighting capability while your baby sleeps.

Try antimicrobial cotton blankets made with soft jersey cotton. Stock up on antimicrobial swaddling blankets that include a thermal layer to keep your baby warm.

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Antimicrobial cotton blankets contain silver, a natural germ fighter.

Wrap your newborn in antimicrobial cotton blankets from SQUIX when you bring the little bundle home from the hospital for the first time. The antimicrobial swaddling blankets pull wetness away from a new baby's skin to keep him or her dry. These baby blankets can also be used as a car seat liner or burp cloth. At night, antimicrobial crib sheets help protect your newborn from germs so you have peace of mind while they rest.

Soft antimicrobial cotton blankets are the ideal baby shower gift for new parents. An antimicrobial swaddling blanket soothes and warms a new baby and calms parent's fears of germs. These antimicrobial baby blankets prevent the growth of microbes in the cotton fabric, keeping contact germs at bay. Also include antimicrobial crib sheets like fitted crib sheets as part of your gift, so parents can put their baby to bed free of concerns about harmful bacteria.

Bring out antimicrobial cotton blankets when cold and flu season starts. Cuddling your infant with antimicrobial swaddling blankets keeps them comfortable while fending off germs that can cause illness. The baby blankets available from SQUIX are especially helpful if other kids in the house are sick. And antimicrobial crib sheets come in handy as another protective measure, and also work as moisture wicking crib sheets in case your little one perspires or has a wet diaper.

Use antimicrobial cotton blankets if your newborn is prone to illness. Keeping them warm with antibacterial swaddling blankets helps children who fall ill easily defend against harmful bacteria. And the antimicrobial baby blankets also help reduce odors by defying fungi and mildew. Fitting the crib with antimicrobial crib sheets protects highly sensitive babies while they rest as well.
Products 1 - 10 of 10

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