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Cell Phone Sanitizing Cleaners, Wireless Wipes & Cleaning Cloths

For a monitor cleaning spray that tackles dirt, grease, smudges and bacteria, browse the powerful electronics cleaning sprays at SQUIX. Use strong electronics microfiber cloths and monitor cleaning sprays at the office, and bring these germ-battling tools home to combat pathogens on your family's electronic devices. Place a cell phone sanitizing cleaner, such as a sanitizing phone charger, on your nightstand and you won’t forget to charge and sanitize your cell phone each day. Wireless wipes are also must-haves in the war on illness-causing bacteria and viruses, and we have wipes that keep these pathogens at bay while eliminating dust and fingerprints.

Look for a monitor cleaning spray that's refillable so you can add more solution and spare landfills from numerous containers. We have electronics microfiber cloths and cleaning sprays that dry in a snap and won't leave behind streaks, chemical residues or unpleasant odors. For cell phone sanitizing cleaner products, consider roller-style cleaners that are compact and reusable, requiring only a little water to re-activate the gel screen cleaner. Bring wireless wipes with you to the gym to remove sweat and oil that can build-up on your smartphone when you've been checking messages between workouts.

Keep a monitor cleaning spray at work and another at home. Soft electronics microfiber cloths won't scratch screens.

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Banish gunk with a monitor cleaning spray that also tackles harmful bacteria.

Mist a monitor cleaning spray on your work computer each day for a screen that's crystal clear, and you just might improve your productivity in the office. Browse the electronics microfiber cloths, electronics cleaning sprays, antimicrobial travel bags and other products at SQUIX, where we collect an array of germ-fighters all in one easy-to-shop location. With these cell phone sanitizing cleaner products and other cleaning tools, you'll defend yourself against harmful germs at the office and at home. We also carry wireless wipes and other products that battle bacteria when you travel.

Pick up a monitor cleaning spray for the office, and then grab another electronics cleaning spray so you'll experience a sparkling e-tablet, laptop or phone screen while you're viewing movies, reading books or checking out blogs at home. You'll use electronics microfiber cloths to clean phones at work, and these versatile and soft wipes can be used at home to wipe away smudges and streaks from cameras and eyeglasses. Leave a cell phone sanitizing cleaner at the workplace, and get a cell phone cleaner for you and your family to protect against bacteria and viruses. Wireless wipes are convenient cleaners that are also extremely portable, so pack these handy antibacterial fighters into your backpack, purse, briefcase or gym duffel for on the go cleaning.

You need an effective monitor cleaning spray that helps to get rid of up to 99.9% of bacteria while also eliminating dirt, dust, fingerprints and grease, and look for potent and quick-drying monitor cleaning sprays at SQUIX. Some electronics microfiber cloths can be used in tandem with cleaning sprays for even more grime-cutting and bacteria-busting power. A cell phone sanitizing cleaner like a sanitizing phone charger ingeniously uses UV light to attack the DNA of bacteria and viruses, causing the cells to die, so your phone is cleaner and no longer a host to harmful pathogens. Wireless wipes can be pre-moistened, antibacterial towelettes that are non-corrosive and ideal for daily cleaning of your electronic devices.

Reach for a monitor cleaning spray each morning, or use this antibacterial mist each evening after you power down your desktop PC, laptop and mobile device screens. Carry electronics microfiber cloths with you for go-to cleaning solutions, and use these microfiber cleaning cloths after you've loaned your phone, laptop or other electronic device to a friend or co-worker. Along with a cell phone sanitizing cleaner, look for other products, such as antimicrobial travel bags that help fight odor-causing bacteria. Like wireless wipes, antimicrobial travel bags are perfect for travel by train, car, plane and bus, and these bags make great gym bags.
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