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Travel Toiletries & Travel Gear for Baby

Travel Sanitizing Wipes, Hand Sanitizer & Antimicrobial Travel Bags

At SQUIX, the antibacterial travel essentials are incredibly useful for traveling with babies regardless of the length of the trip. The disinfectant travel toiletries, like baby hand sanitizers, are made effective enough to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria while not drying out your baby’s soft hands. We also carry antimicrobial travel gear – so you can change your baby on a soft and odor eliminating mat when you’re out. Having sanitizing travel wipes and other antibacterial products in your travel bag or baby bag help you be prepared for any mess.

Many of the antibacterial travel essentials that we carry are designed to protect against bacteria and odors that result from moisture, a major concern for parents traveling with babies. The portable travel toiletries include several disinfectant sprays that you can use on wet baby clothes when you’re out, so mold and mildew won’t start to grow before you can wash them. Even the travel gear is antimicrobial so that after a change, the wet clothes won’t start to stink in your baby’s travel bag. Whether you’re looking for travel wipes or soft antimicrobial hooded towels, we have the products that will help keep germs at bay.

Pick up antibacterial travel essentials for your newborn to make caring for your baby on the road as easy as it is at home. With disinfectant travel toiletries, you can clean your baby’s messes and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria no matter where you are.

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Buy sanitizing travel essentials that are strong enough for any germs.

With SQUIX’s antibacterial travel essentials for baby care, you will have the right products to fight germs even when you're traveling across the country. Portable sanitizing travel toiletries are designed to take up minimal space but give the same germ-killing power as household cleaners. We also carry baby travel gear with antimicrobial properties to hold all of your travel essentials while shielding its contents from harmful organisms. From sanitizing travel wipes to antimicrobial changing mats, the products help protect your baby from germs, making your job a little easier.

With these antibacterial travel essentials, parents are ready to travel, knowing the products offer convenient germ killing properties. Gather up sanitizing travel toiletries and throw them into an antimicrobial travel bag, and go on a picnic. The baby travel gear line also includes antimicrobial play mats so both you and your baby can enjoy some outdoor freedom. We even carry sanitizing travel wipes to safely clean off fruit that might have fallen on the ground, as well as pacifier sanitizer that will kill 99% of germs on your baby’s favorite binky.

Even at a hotel, the travel essentials help you fight germs. Plus, disinfectant travel toiletries are so portable that they hardly take up any extra room while giving you the same assurances that you would have at home. Also, bring along travel gear like antibacterial crib sheets and never worry about the hotel sheets. And don’t forget sanitizing travel wipes to wipe down the bathroom changing table or restaurant highchairs.

When on outdoor adventures, sanitizing travel essentials that have organic properties are important to protect the environment as well as your child. Look for antibacterial travel toiletries that are also biodegradable like toothbrush sanitizers for kids. We also carry travel gear like durable baby changing mats that are made for outdoor-use without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes. Many of the baby travel wipes are even environmentally friendly.
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