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Organic Hand Sanitizer & Hand Sanitizer for Babies

Antimicrobial Play Mats & Disinfectant Hand Sanitizers

Bring travel size play mats with you when you and your baby go out and give them the chance to stretch out when they get restless. Also, by carrying organic hand sanitizer, you ensure that any germs picked up while playing are killed off. Try a hand sanitizer for babies at SQUIX that is small and portable, so it won’t take up much space, even fitting in your pocket if needed. From antimicrobial play mats to disinfectant hand sanitizers, the products we carry make playtime easier everywhere.

Head out with travel size play mats and stop fearing what your baby might touch on the ground. Bring along organic hand sanitizer to kill off any germs they do pick up on travels.

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Lay out travel size play mats for your babies and take control of the environment they play in.

Playtime with travel size play mats at SQUIX is easier than ever because portable mats shield your baby from germs, and we have antimicrobial play mats that are machine washable. With organic hand sanitizer, even if your baby rolls off the mat onto the dirty floor, germs are quickly and easily removed from hands. Like tiny hand sanitizer for babies, travel size play mats fit easily in baby bags after they fold up, so bring them anywhere. Also, try antimicrobial play mats that are water resistant, allowing you to lay them out on damp grass without worrying about your baby’s skin or clothes getting wet.

For new parents, travel size play mats are a perfect gift because they are usable everywhere and make traveling with a little one easier to manage. Throw in some organic hand sanitizer and help the new parents keep germs off their own hands and away from their newborn. With hand sanitizer for babies that is organic, the products are a welcome gift for any family, regardless of their stance on eco-friendly products. Whether it’s antimicrobial play mats or disinfectant hand sanitizers, the playtime-focused products we carry make playtime a lot more fun for everyone.
Products 1 - 2 of 2

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