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Don’t leave home without hand sanitizer because even though soap and water may not always be around, germs almost certainly are. By carrying sanitizers in your purse or briefcase, germs from a sneeze or a cough are quickly destroyed without needing a bathroom break. Also, sanitizer spray at SQUIX lets you destroy germs at your workstation quickly and easily, so you don’t bring extra germs home with you. Similarly, phone sanitizer gently kills germs on your handheld devices, protecting both the expensive device and your hands.

Carry hand sanitizer with you and you carry germ control anywhere you go. At home, sanitizers may not be needed because you have soap and water, but that’s not always the case when you travel.

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Keep hand sanitizer handy and keep germs off your family’s hands.

When you’re out, take hand sanitizer and other sanitizing products from SQUIX, like sanitizing wipes, with you to keep germs at bay. At the park, sanitizers easily remove visible dirt and grime from your kid’s hands and ensure invisible germs are killed. Spray sanitizer spray on the picnic table and sit down for lunch without thinking about what bacteria might be there with you. Even phone sanitizer is necessary to always have around because everything we carry on our hands and fingertips gets passed to our phone screens.

Throw some travel hand sanitizer in your car and remove any food-borne bacteria picked up on your hands from a day of grocery shopping. On longer trips, sanitizers are absolutely essential because you are never able to be sure of when and where soap and water is available. That’s why a sanitizer spray is so useful on vacation, enabling you to destroy germs on the surfaces you need to use. Pack your phone sanitizer as well, and eliminate the germs on your phone that came about while you listened to music or surfed the web when you were out.
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