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Disinfecting Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover

Antibacterial Stain Remover, Carpet Disinfectant & Carpet Stain Remover

Pick up a disinfecting carpet cleaner that restores your carpets and upholstery to the way they were prior to your pet. Try a stain remover at SQUIX that's a carpet stain remover that eliminates set in odors, great for your furry friend’s favorite sleeping spot or blanket. Save money with an antibacterial stain remover and hold off on getting your carpets professionally cleaned a little longer. Not only does carpet disinfectant remove visible stains and noticeable odors, but it also destroys germs so everyone in your family benefits.

Restore carpets with disinfecting carpet cleaner designed for pet stains and odors. Try a stain remover that works to remind pets not to use the carpet as a bathroom again.

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Stock up on disinfecting carpet cleaner and keep the floors in your home looking and smelling like new.

Keep disinfecting carpet cleaner from SQUIX in your pet’s bag for when you visit friends and family, because accidents happen. Use stain remover that works quickly to lift off all signs of a pet’s mess, erasing it from sight and from smell. Use antibacterial stain remover on the places your pet shouldn’t be sleeping and eliminate any unwanted odors that built up when you weren’t looking. Plus, carpet disinfectant leaves the cleaned carpets and upholsteries smelling fresh and revitalized.

Give disinfecting carpet cleaner to any pet owners in your life and give them the same ability to erase pet stains and odors as you have. Doubling as a stain remover and a training device, try carpet stain removers a great tool for pet lovers with little puppies or kittens. Antibacterial stain removers like carpet stain remover destroy odors so new pet owners enjoy their animals without the new smells. With carpet disinfectant ready at hand, pet owners focus on enjoying their pet’s company without the constant reminder of unsightly stains.
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