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Antibacterial Wipes & Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfecting Wipes, Cleaning Wipes & Sanitizing Wipes

Take antibacterial wipes along when you travel. Disinfectant wipes from SQUIX help sanitize surfaces in hotel rooms and rental cars. And hand sanitizing wipes protect you from contact germs in public washrooms and on public transportation. The ideal disinfecting wipes stay moist so cleanup is easy while traveling. Pack the ideal cleaning wipes to fight germs on trips, so you come home without bacteria.

Keep antibacterial wipes around the house for sanitizing surfaces that are commonly touched by family members. Bring out disinfectant wipes for sanitizing TV remotes and door handles. And hand sanitizing wipes are ideal for the nursery for keeping hands clean around your newborn. Also use disinfecting wipes to clean up after the kids. The best cleaning wipes come in large canisters so you always have plenty for cleaning emergencies.

Convenient antibacterial wipes kill bacteria. As disinfectant wipes, they are essential when no soap or water is available.

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Get antibacterial wipes with aloe to soften hands while cleaning.

Bring antibacterial wipes from SQUIX when shopping or for a visit to the park with the kids. Use the disinfectant wipes to cleanse toys and teething rings, or to wipe down shopping cart handles and seats. And use hand sanitizing wipes on little hands after kids play in the sandbox, or use travel size wipes to sanitize hands after big kids help load groceries into the car. Also use disinfecting wipes to sanitize playground equipment before kids use it.

Bring out antibacterial wipes at your next play date. Share disinfectant wipes with other moms so they can battle germs, too. Try disinfectant wipes on hardbound story books to keep them sanitized. Also rely on hand sanitizing wipes to prevent the spread of germs among kids as they play together. And disinfecting wipes help keep the play area sanitized so kids can play freely.

Use antibacterial wipes from SQUIX to keep your smartphone sanitized. Applying disinfectant wipes to phones kills germs that can come into contact with your face when you talk. Cleansing with hand sanitizing wipes is also helpful for preventing contact germs from transferring from hands to phone as well. With disinfecting wipes for electronics, phones stay clean and can be shared free of worry about spreading germs.

Pack antibacterial wipes for a day at the zoo and fight germs while kids enjoy watching the animals. Grab disinfectant wipes after one of the kids has dropped their toy and it needs to be cleaned before they put it in their mouth. Regularly use hand sanitizing wipes to minimize germs after kids touch zoo exhibit hand rails. Use disinfecting wipes to also sanitize benches when you stop for a break. With cleaning wipes in your bag, you can tackle ice cream, hot dog and other snack messes right away.
Products 1 - 6 of 6

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