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Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes & Multipurpose Disinfectant

Antibacterial Mouthwash, Best Disinfectants & Travel Size Disinfectant Products

Ranging from antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes to antimicrobial bathroom cloths, the products between $0 and $14.99 at SQUIX ensure that you're as protected from germs at home as you are when you're out and about. No matter if it's multipurpose disinfectant for your home surfaces or travel size disinfectant products for the office, we carry items to make your life easier. Grab antibacterial mouthwash for every bathroom in your house, as well as some breath spray for after-lunch meetings. With the best disinfectants available, germs stop interfering with your life inside your home, in your car, at your workstation and on your travels. 

Like antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes that are alcohol-free, many of the products we carry use different ingredients and battle different germs. Some of the multipurpose disinfectant we carry, for example, is bleach-free and kills bacteria like salmonella and listeria. We also have antibacterial mouthwash in travel sizes for airplanes and antibacterial wipes in resealable containers for the car. Not just the best disinfectants in terms of germ-killing effectiveness, but these are also the most versatile products available, meeting just about any need.

Get antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes and travel size disinfectant products for under $14.99. From multipurpose disinfectant to antimicrobial bathroom cloths, the products we carry sanitize many surfaces.

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Kill germs with antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes and the best disinfectants under $14.99.

Similar to antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes, many of the products available at SQUIX from $0 to $14.99 are about offering convenience no matter where you are. At home, multipurpose disinfectant saves you time and money because you don't need to buy several different products for every room in the house. With antibacterial mouthwash, you get germ-killing power for your mouth, perfect for the times when you can't brush your teeth. The best disinfectants are the best for a reason because they make life easier and kill germs all at once.

Take antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes with you in your purse or backpack, and sanitize hands whenever you're on the move. With a multipurpose disinfectant handy, like antibacterial wipes or spray, a small mess doesn't need to grow bacteria or produce odors. Instead of bringing antibacterial mouthwash to work, bring pocket-sized breath spray or mouthwash strips along to kill bad breath bacteria on the spot when you need it. When you have the best disinfectants at your side throughout the day, you are able to focus on more important things than germs.

In the car, antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes are a necessity for quick cleanups after drive-thru dinners or ice cream. Also, some multipurpose disinfectants allow you to spray or wipe down your fabrics, killing germs left behind by sticky hands, coughing and sneezing. From antibacterial mouthwash that washes away coffee breath after the drive to work to car deodorizing spray that keeps it smelling like new, you'll find the products at SQUIX that you really need. Plus, with the best disinfectants between $0 and $14.99, you'll find the prices you want and the brand names you trust as well.

While antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes are smart choices for day-to-day activities, they are absolutely ideal for traveling. Along with multipurpose disinfectant wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes almost always come in handy, whether it's when you're camping and nowhere near soap and water, or in a restaurant wiping your little one's hands and highchair down. Make sure that your antibacterial mouthwash and travel toothbrushes are ready to go whenever you're heading out because you never know who you'll run into. Wherever you go, the best disinfectants and sanitizers help get you there a lot less germy.
Products 1 - 20 of 200

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