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Portable Vacuum Cleaners & UV Sanitizing Vacuums

Portable Sanitizing Vacuums, Sanitizing Vacuum & Best Disinfectants

Get portable vacuum cleaners at SQUIX between $135 and $149.99, and take control of the germs in your home, at work or during your travels. With UV sanitizing vacuums, not only do you suck up visible dirt, you destroy germs and allergens, ideal for allergy season and pet owners. Plus, the portable sanitizing vacuums also deodorize, eliminating pet odors from fabrics and surfaces in your home. The Cleanwave sanitizing vacuum also kills harmful bacteria like H1N1 and MRSA, great for cleaning up after sick people in your family without the need for harsh chemicals.

Make portable vacuum cleaners a priority for your family and give yourself a germ-killer that goes wherever you need it to. The UV sanitizing vacuums between $135 and $149.99 are easy to transport.

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Experience portable vacuum cleaners with the power of a home vacuum.

Home or away, the portable vacuum cleaners at SQUIX between $135 and $149.99 make cleanups easier and safer than you could imagine. The UV sanitizing vacuums are light and portable which makes them ideal for getting into tough corners and tight spaces without the heavy lifting. Plus, the portable sanitizing vacuums kill germs and deodorize as you clean, so use them in the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen and forget about germs and odors. With the Cleanwave sanitizing vacuum, vacuuming is light work, so even your kids are able to help out without lugging around heavy equipment.

When traveling, portable vacuum cleaners allow you to kill germs in your hotel quickly and easily without the need for several different cleaning products. For the car, UV sanitizing vacuums are the ideal product because they're light and take up little room, so store them in the trunk and use them when you need to. Bring the portable sanitizing vacuums to work and clean up your workstation, so you can get back to focusing on your job and not the germs around you. With the Cleanwave sanitizing vacuum, cleaning the surfaces in your life is easier and more effective than ever before, no matter where you are.
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