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Antimicrobial Sheets & Disinfectant Gift Sets

Antibacterial Kitchen Mops, Disinfecting Baby Products & Best Disinfectants

From antimicrobial sheets to antimicrobial yoga mats, SQUIX carries the products to make any home a fortress against germs. Whether you're looking for disinfectant gift sets for friends or for yourself, or you need something more specific, we carry the best disinfectants between $30 and $44.99. Grab antibacterial kitchen mops and shine up your kitchen floors or an antimicrobial changing pad for your nursery because we have it all. With disinfecting baby products to the best disinfectants for bathrooms, your home becomes a germ's worst nightmare.

Antimicrobial sheets and other disinfecting baby products make thoughtful gifts for new parents in your life. We also carry disinfectant gift sets in which we have prepackaged the best disinfectants for you, so you don't have waste time shopping. Add some antibacterial kitchen mops and antibacterial kitchen tools to your gift and you'll be the Santa Claus of home cleaning in their eyes. By giving disinfecting baby products and household cleaners, you're telling the ones you love you want to see them better protected from germs.

Make antimicrobial sheets a priority for your nursery and give your baby the sleep and the germ protection they deserve. Also, get disinfectant gift sets and save time shopping, so you can spend it doing more important things.

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Pick up antimicrobial sheets for your baby's crib and keep germs from what's most precious to you.

Without antimicrobial sheets in your baby room, your nursery isn't complete. In addition to disinfectant gift sets, SQUIX also carries bundles for babies, stocked with items like gentle soaps, sanitizers and fabrics to better protect your children. While your antibacterial kitchen mops and kitchen disinfectants are being put to work downstairs, the antimicrobial crib sheets and blankets are working upstairs, allowing you to rest assured while your little bundle rests. Plus, all of these disinfecting baby products are available for between $30 and $44.99, a small price to pay for such an important job.

Along with antimicrobial sheets for the nursery, we carry products for the kitchen as well. Even the disinfectant gift sets feature some of the best disinfectants for kitchen cleaning, killing germs on the surfaces that germs love the most. The antibacterial kitchen mops and kitchen surface cleaners remove some of the most harmful kitchen bacteria, too, like E. coli and listeria. Like the disinfecting baby products that we carry, these kitchen products are designed to work quickly and make your life a little easier.

While antimicrobial sheets and other disinfecting baby products protect your nursery from germs and the antibacterial kitchen tools protect your kitchen, SQUIX also carries products between $30 and $44.99 for your bathrooms. In the disinfectant gift sets that we carry, there are several products that are specifically designed to wipe out germs on bathroom surfaces like toilets, sinks and tubs. Antibacterial kitchen mops work on bathroom floors, too, but products that focus on bathroom messes like soap scum and toilet bowl rings are also essential for your cleaning products arsenal. And after you've grabbed disinfecting baby products, reach for UV toothbrush sanitizers and give your family mouth care like they’ve never had before.

You've laid out antimicrobial sheets in your nursery, and destroyed the germs in your kitchen and bathrooms, now it's time to think about the other rooms in your house. Disinfectant gift sets featuring the best disinfectants for multiple surfaces are a great place to start. Use the antibacterial kitchen mops on the floors in the other rooms, and get some antimicrobial yoga mats for your home exercise area. Along with bundles of disinfecting baby products, we also carry bundles with the best disinfectants for day-to-day cleaning, complete with all-purpose cleaner and disinfecting wipes for the rooms like offices and laundry rooms.
Products 1 - 17 of 17

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