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Antibacterial Crib Sheets & Disinfectant Baby Products

Antimicrobial Phone Cases & Antibacterial Baby Blankets

Make antibacterial crib sheets and antibacterial travel blankets must-haves for your next trip. With the portable disinfectant baby products at SQUIX, taking your baby out doesn't have to be a big ordeal. Like the antimicrobial phone cases that we carry, most of the products available for $45 to $59.99 are meant to give long-lasting and sustained germ-killing power for you and your family when you're away from the safety of your home. Take the antibacterial baby blankets, for example, that use antimicrobial silver technology to fend off germs in between washes, ideal for extended trips without washing machines being available.

While the antibacterial crib sheets and other travel-friendly baby products are great for long trips, they are also very useful for the short ones. Having disinfectant baby products in your baby bag allows you to put your little one down for a nap while you catch up with friends, without worrying about the cleanliness of a crib's mattress. Plus, with antimicrobial phone cases, you can throw your phone into your baby bag without worrying about transferring germs to or from your electronic device to your baby products. With antibacterial baby blankets handy, you're able to better shield your child from germs almost anywhere, giving them a protective barrier that fends off germs, moisture and the cold.

From antibacterial crib sheets to antibacterial cell phone accessories, we carry products between $45 and $59.99 that make your job as a parent a little easier. Not only are the disinfectant baby products and homecare products effective, but most are portable as well.

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Experience how easily antibacterial crib sheets and antibacterial travel blankets help your baby sleep when you're away from home.

Whether it's antibacterial crib sheets or antimicrobial iPad covers, the products between $45 and $59.99 at SQUIX give you germ-killing protection to take with you on your travels. Throw some disinfectant baby products in your overnight bag and hit the road knowing that you have the tools to keep germs away from your little one. Similar to the antimicrobial phone cases which protect and hold your electronics, we also carry antimicrobial travel bags that not only shield your goods from the outside but also remove odor-causing bacteria from inside. Plus, the antibacterial baby blankets, sheets and towels we carry fend off germs and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria, so damp fabrics don't ruin your trips.

When traveling, antibacterial crib sheets are helpful everywhere you go, even hotels, where hotel mattresses might not get the same attention from cleaners as other major surfaces do. Along with disinfectant baby products, we also carry bathroom products like portable toothbrush sanitizers, so the germs on your bristles are destroyed in between brushes. Also, the antimicrobial phone cases and antimicrobial iPad covers protect your devices from hand germs that you may have picked up while sightseeing. In addition to antibacterial baby blankets for travel, pick up a portable sanitizing wand as well and take control of germ killing, making your hotel room feel as comfortable as your home.

For outdoor people, antibacterial crib sheets and the other antibacterial baby products between $45 and $59.99 at SQUIX might be more important than for anyone else. Many of the disinfectant baby products that we carry focus just as much on temperature control as germ control, ideal for camping or stroller walks in cooler weather. With antimicrobial phone cases, outdoor germs are kept away from your phone screens. Like the antibacterial baby blankets that we carry, the antibacterial towels for everyone else remove bacteria from the skin and combat the bacteria that like to grow in moist fabrics, allowing you to enjoy the beach without the smells.

While individual products, like antibacterial crib sheets, are always a great option, we also carry prepackaged bundles for parents to reduce time spent shopping. The sets of disinfectant baby products, for example, provide a number of cleaning essentials that are gentle enough for a baby but strong enough to wipe out germs on contact. Along with antimicrobial phone cases for the older kids and adults, we also have travel sets that give you some portable cleaning essentials to help protect you from germs without being cumbersome or adding unnecessary weight to your luggage. Whatever it is, antibacterial baby blankets, antimicrobial iPad covers or travel-friendly toothbrush sanitizers, the products we carry help to make your next trip your best trip.
Products 1 - 20 of 25

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