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Antibacterial Kitchen Utensils & Disinfecting Air Purifiers

Disinfecting Microfiber Cloths, Household Disinfectant & Kitchen Cleaners

Rely on antimicrobial travel bags you get at SQUIX for germ-fighting on the go, as well as other products like antibacterial bathroom cleaners to use when at home. We carry antibacterial kitchen utensils like eco friendly kitchen tools made of bamboo for cleaner cooking. Look for disinfecting air purifiers to reduce airborne germs to keep the household air clean as well. Bring out disinfecting microfiber cloths to gently cleanse home office electronics when working from home.

A clean checklist includes antimicrobial travel bags of different sizes for different trips, from long journeys to quick jaunts. Add antibacterial kitchen utensils and antibacterial kitchen cleaners to your list for the busiest room in the house. Try disinfecting air purifiers to improve indoor air quality, especially when a family member is sick. And disinfecting microfiber cloths should be on your list for cleaning most surfaces, from sanitizing the kitchen to dusting the furniture.

Pack antimicrobial travel bags when visiting a friend in a new home. Bring antibacterial kitchen utensils as a housewarming gift.

  • Asepxia Antibacterial Soap $0.00 - $14.99
    Asepxia Antibacterial Soap $0.00 - $14.99 From antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes to antibacterial mouth wash, we carry all your sanitizing essentials between $0 and $14.99. Whether it's multipurpose disinfectant or a antimicrobial bathroom cloths you're after, we have the best disinfectants around. Shop Now
  • ProPur AV Ultra Lite Filtration Sport Bottle $15.00 - $29.99
    ProPur AV Ultra Lite Filtration Sport Bottle $15.00 - $29.99 Stock up on antibacterial baby products, like UV pacifier sanitizers and antimicrobial fabrics, to protect the little ones in your life a little better. We also carry antimicrobial pillows for the bedroom, antibacterial utensils for the kitchen and other household disinfectants, all between $15 to $29.99 to make your life a little easier as well. Shop Now
  • BonnBonn Baby Antimicrobial Wicking Swaddling Blanket $30.00 - $44.99
    BonnBonn Baby Antimicrobial Wicking Swaddling Blanket $30.00 - $44.99 Get antimicrobial sheets and other disinfecting baby products to better protect your little ones. We also carry disinfectant gift sets complete with the best disinfectants for general cleaning, as well as antibacterial kitchen mops and bathroom cleaning products if you have specific rooms in mind. Shop Now
  • You Got Squixed $45.00 - $59.99
    You Got Squixed $45.00 - $59.99 By bringing antibacterial crib sheets and antibacterial travel blankets with you on the road, you give your baby the comfort of home no matter where you are. Along with disinfectant baby products, we also carry germ protection products between $45 and $59.99 for the whole family, like antimicrobial phone cases and other portable sanitizing products. Shop Now
  • Forever Safe Cotton Wearable Blanket $60.00 - $74.99
    Forever Safe Cotton Wearable Blanket $60.00 - $74.99 When you make antibacterial baby blankets a part of your nursery, you take another step closer to eliminating germs from your home. And with antimicrobial leather phone cases for your electronics and antibacterial pillows for your bedrooms, available between $60 and $74.99, household germ protection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Shop Now
  • ProPur Fruit Infused Water Filtration Pitcher $75.00 - $89.99
    ProPur Fruit Infused Water Filtration Pitcher $75.00 - $89.99 Pick up antimicrobial travel bags and antimicrobial baby blankets, and you and your baby never have to leave home without some protection from germs. Also, by using an antibacterial humidifier in your home, even the airborne bacteria in your house doesn’t stand a chance. Shop Now
  • CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand $90.00 - $104.99
    CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand $90.00 - $104.99 Pick up bamboo fiber mattress pads and antibacterial humidifiers for every bedroom in your home and say goodbye to restless nights for good. Also, the antibacterial humidifiers that we carry between $90 and $104.99, unlike many air sanitizing humidifiers, not only kill germs but they also eliminate mold and other fungi, perfect for damp basements with poor ventilation. Shop Now
  • Apera Antibacterial Yoga Tote $105.00 - $119.99
    Apera Antibacterial Yoga Tote $105.00 - $119.99 Take antimicrobial travel bags to the gym or when traveling and rest assured that your goods are better protected from germs. The antibacterial yoga totes are not only effective antibacterial yoga tote gym bags, they are also stylish and roomy. Shop Now
  • CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum $135.00 - $149.99
    CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum $135.00 - $149.99 With portable vacuum cleaners between $135 and $149.99, you'll carry efficient germ-killing technology with you wherever you go. Unlike many UV sanitizing vacuums, the portable sanitizing vacuums are light and easy to transport, perfect for cars and trips. Shop Now
  • Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Backpack $150.00 - $164.99
    Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Backpack $150.00 - $164.99 By carrying antimicrobial diaper bags with you when you’re out, you'll have all your baby products close by and better protected from germs. Get antibacterial diaper backpacks between $150 and $164.99 and, with Ju Ju Be diaper bags, you also have compartments to store your own goods. Shop Now
  • Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag $165.00 and above
    Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag $165.00 and above Make an antimicrobial air purifier a top priority for your home and improve the air that your family breathes. With products like antimicrobial diaper bags and antibacterial air filters starting at $165, your baby is better protected at home and when you go out. Shop Now

From antimicrobial travel bags to household disinfectant, we have the products you need in a variety of price levels.

Give antimicrobial travel bags, available at SQUIX, to friends and family who hate germs but love traveling. The gift of antibacterial kitchen utensils is ideal for the aspiring chef in your life. And disinfecting air purifiers make thoughtful presents for anyone suffering from allergies. Also give disinfecting microfiber cloths to friends who appreciate a clean house as much as you.

Bring antimicrobial travel bags out of the closet to prepare for holiday travel to see relatives and friends. When at home, antibacterial kitchen utensils are essential for preparing big holiday dinners. And with disinfecting air purifiers, rooms closed up for winter stay refreshed with clean air. Take out your disinfecting microfiber cloths to clean the house from top to bottom for your next holiday party.

Coming home with antimicrobial travel bags is a relief, knowing you defied germs while away from home. Take out antibacterial kitchen utensils from SQUIX to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Turn up the disinfecting air purifiers to renew the air from your time away. Also clean up with disinfecting microfiber cloths to enjoy the peace of mind of a sanitized home.

Select antimicrobial travel bags when you find that you are prone to illness when you travel. Also try antibacterial kitchen utensils while cooking as a good measure to fend off germs while at home. And with disinfecting air purifiers, airborne germs are captured to reduce the risk for illness. Also cleanse with disinfecting microfiber cloths to prevent contact germs on surfaces from causing cold and flu.

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