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Install an air purifier in any room in your house to rid it of odors and airborne bacteria. Like many disinfectant sprays, the air purifiers that SQUIX carries eliminate organisms like mold and mildew that grow in dark, moist areas. Also, stock up on antibacterial spray to destroy whatever bacteria latches onto a surface, so germs have nowhere to hide in your home. From spray disinfectant to allergen reducers, we carry the products to make sure the air you breathe is clean air.

For allergy sufferers, an air purifier offers some symptom relief by removing airborne allergens like pollen from the air. While disinfectant spray destroys the bacteria on contact, some linger in the air or get missed. Also, antibacterial spray is unable to get everywhere no matter how thorough you clean, and that's why air purifiers and humidifiers that destroy organisms like mold and fungus are so important. So combine your spray disinfectant cleaners with air purifiers and take back your home and your air from germs.

Grab an air purifier for the baby nursery and give your newborn a peaceful night's sleep. That way, even when disinfectant spray is unavailable, 99% of airborne bacteria are still removed.

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We carry a large air purifier selection with many different features that meet any home's needs.

When deciding on an air purifier or antibacterial products for your house, choose the ones that meet your specific needs. The line of disinfectant sprays at SQUIX, for example, features many different scents, target specific bacteria and clean different surfaces. Some of the antibacterial spray we carry is environmentally friendly, while others are more heavy-duty for more intensive jobs. Whether it's a spray disinfectant for your nursery or a humidifier for your basement, we carry the germ-killing essentials for your home.

An effective air purifier is ideal for parents of newborns that want to rid their nurseries of airborne bacteria but also help battle congestion so their little ones sleep through the night. Try disinfectant spray that is chemical and residue free, to clean baby toys, highchairs and cribs. In addition to antibacterial spray without chemicals, we also carry air purifiers that don't use ozone or chemicals, so you can rest easy no matter which room it's in. Unlike a spray disinfectant, the humidifiers we carry also add moisture to your air, especially useful for keeping your baby's soft skin from getting dry.

For pet owners, an air purifier removes pet dander from the air so it doesn't bother your house guests. For surfaces, use a disinfectant spray that eliminates pet dander from both porous and non-porous surfaces so no germs are able to hide. For high-touch areas, an antibacterial spray made with water and essential oils ensures that no chemical residues get on your skin. Whatever you need, from spray disinfectant for fabrics to antibacterial spray for tougher areas like the kitchen, SQUIX has it.

While an air purifier serves the main purpose of destroying airborne particles, many of the purifiers we carry also reduce odors, which makes them great for bathrooms and kitchens. Several of the disinfectant spray choices we have also work in many different rooms and different surfaces, so you limit the amount of cleaners you need to buy for the house. Yet, even the best antibacterial sprays miss spots, and that's why our air purifiers are also great for parents whose kids like to run around, stirring up particles like dust and bacteria. Get spray disinfectant and stop fearing sticky hands and sloppy eating and make germs fear you instead.
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