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Antimicrobial Mattress Pads & Down Alternative Pillows

Bamboo Fiber Pillowcases & Antimicrobial Pillows

With an antimicrobial mattress pad, not only are your sleeps more comfortable, but germs are decreased and airflow is increased. Also in the down alternative pillows, the increased airflow allows your sleeps to stay cooler on those warm and uncomfortable nights. Similarly, the bamboo fiber pillowcases allow sleepers to breathe through them easier, ideal for side and stomach sleepers. In combination with antimicrobial pillows at SQUIX, your bed becomes an escape from germs and dust.

Grab an antimicrobial mattress pad for the people in your life who mean the most to you. Throw in some down alternative pillows and give them the gift of a peaceful night’s rest.

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Use an antimicrobial mattress pad on your bed and start sleeping like royalty.

Get an antimicrobial mattress pad at SQUIX for every bed in your house and eliminate those cranky mornings caused by lack of sleep. With down alternative pillows, even the asthma and allergy sufferers sleep better because of the breathe-easy technology and hypoallergenic materials. Plus, the bamboo fiber pillowcases even release soothing scents, helping to relax the body. Pick up the antimicrobial pillows and turn your home beds into medicine.

When pregnant, the antimicrobial mattress pad and other antimicrobial bedding is not just helpful, it’s essential. The down alternative pillows are soft but firm, which make them an ideal pillow design for pregnant women. Also, the bamboo fiber pillowcases help combat troublesome acne that is especially prevalent in the first trimesters of pregnancy. Along with antimicrobial pillows for yourself, get fitted crib sheets for the nursery to give your baby the same germ protection that you have.
Products 1 - 6 of 6

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