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Pet Bowl Cleaner, Antibacterial Dish Cleaner & Scrubbing Pad

Dish Scrubbing Pad & Disinfecting Pet Bowl Scrubber

Rely on antimicrobial pet products from SQUIX for cleansing pet dishes without harsh chemicals. A pet bowl cleaner like a disinfecting pet bowl scrubber requires only water to remove crusted food debris. The dual-sided scrubber is also an antibacterial dish cleaner that kills germs that can thrive on the moist surfaces of dog and cat bowls. The dish scrubbing pad side also leaves surfaces spotless for Spot.

Minimize germs with antimicrobial pet products so your pets stay healthier. Use a pet bowl cleaner on both food and water dishes.

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Make antimicrobial pet products part of your household cleaning routine.

Keep antimicrobial pet products from SQUIX on hand for summer months when warm conditions cause germs to grow in pet dishes. Use a pet bowl cleaner to defy bacteria when water-filled dishes sit in humid weather. An antibacterial dish cleaner also removes the contact germs that your pets can transfer from their food dishes to you with a lick of their tongues. The dish scrubbing pad side of a disinfecting pet bowl cleaner also keeps dish surfaces free of kibble that can become dried on and unsightly.

Use antimicrobial pet products instead of your household cleaning cloths to prevent cross-contamination. Reserve your pet bowl cleaner just for dishes used by your dog or cat. The antibacterial dish cleaner side of a pet bowl cleaner easily cleans edges and smooth surfaces. And the dish scrubbing pad side of the pet bowl cleaner eliminates stains so you can leave the family hand towels in the linen closet.
Products 1 - 1 of 1

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