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Sanitizing Vacuum Cleaners & Carpet Stain Remover

Antimicrobial Mop Heads & Disinfecting Mop Water Concentrate

With the portable sanitizing vacuum cleaners and antimicrobial mops at SQUIX, cleanups have never been easier or more effective, no matter where you are. Plus, with products like carpet stain remover and disinfecting mop water concentrate, you’ll find disinfectant cleaner that works on the surfaces you need. The reusable antimicrobial mop heads are quick to put on and are machine washable, saving you time and money. Unlike other disinfectant cleaner products, we also carry concentrate disinfectant cleaner that works on multiple surfaces, so you don’t need a cupboard full of cleaners for each room.

At the office, sanitizing vacuum cleaners are ideal because they’re light and easy-to-use, but they also use UV technology that reduces germs so they aren’t strewn about while you clean. In addition to carpet stain remover, we also carry concentrate disinfectant cleaner that is ideal for tight offices because they use natural ingredients and don’t leave behind harsh residues or odors. Keep antimicrobial mop heads handy at the office for quick cleanups, as well as for germ-killing action that only requires water. From disinfectant cleaner that works on multiple surfaces to mop heads that dust, clean and kill germs, we have the products to keep your office shining and coworkers healthy.

Get portable sanitizing vacuum cleaners and mops that go where you go, killing germs along the way. From carpet stain remover to multi-surface cleaners, the products we carry clean almost anywhere.

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Experience portable sanitizing vacuum cleaners with UV technology that kills germs as it cleans.

Make sanitizing vacuum cleaners and antimicrobial mops part of your household cleaning arsenal, and you’ll never go back to your old ways of cleaning again. With a selection of carpet stain remover and multi-surface concentrate disinfectant cleaner, SQUIX has products that fit almost any room, family and lifestyle. The innovative antimicrobial mop heads eliminate germs while only adding water, making them ideal for any family and any room. Plus, we carry disinfectant cleaner designed to clean multiple surfaces and to kill even the most stubborn of household bacteria.

For pet owners, the sanitizing vacuum cleaners and other floor cleaning products at SQUIX are a dream come true. The pet-focused carpet stain remover not only removes stains in the fabrics, but it leaves behind a scent that discourages pets from resoiling that area. Like the antimicrobial mop heads that lift off even the tiniest particles, the portable sanitizing vacuum cleaner also reduces odors on surfaces to alleviate some of the pet odors in the places they like to sleep. Also, many of the disinfectant cleaner we carry is water-based or uses natural ingredients, so the surfaces don’t irritate your pets skin afterwards.

For allergy sufferers, the sanitizing vacuum cleaners at SQUIX are perfect because they filter the allergens out instead of just recirculating them back into the air like other vacuum cleaners. While most carpet stain remover eliminate visible stains but leave traces behind, the cleaners we carry also disinfect the area so irritating and symptom-causing pet odors don’t linger. Similar to the antimicrobial mop heads, the dust heads at SQUIX feature tiny microfibers that lift off nearly all particulates, so say goodbye to dust allergies. Whether it’s a disinfectant cleaner to remove pet odors or a portable vacuum that removes pollen and other allergen particles, allergy sufferers are taken care of at SQUIX.

While sanitizing vacuum cleaners and other floor cleaning products are great for the home, they also work anywhere else you go. Leave your carpet stain remover at home, but take the portable vacuum with you on your road trips, and keep your car clean even after drive-thru dinners. Likewise, bring antimicrobial mop heads with you to your hotel and rid the surfaces of germs and get comfortable. Finally, throw some natural, biodegradable disinfectant cleaner in your camping luggage and kill germs and disinfect the surfaces with an all-natural cleaner.
Products 1 - 9 of 9

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