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Antiseptic Spray & First Aid Kit Supplies

First Aid Kit Supplies, Disinfectant Pain Relief Spray & First Aid Kits

Make antibacterial bandages part of your first aid kits when your child plays sports. Also include antiseptic spray found at SQUIX for sanitizing scrapes and cuts on the field. Bring first aid kit supplies like antiseptic badges to help prevent infection of wounds. And gentle disinfectant pain relief spray is essential for kids who hate the sting of first aid sanitizers.

Use antibacterial bandages for their breathable fabric to help wounds heal. Also try antiseptic spray for pain-free treatment of scraped knees and elbows.

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Rely on antibacterial bandages to stay on wounds securely so kids can go back to playing.

Store antibacterial bandages from SQUIX in first aid kits in your family cars. Include antiseptic spray for immediately killing germs on wounds when away from home. Make a checklist of first aid kit supplies you should have ready for on-the-go emergencies. Products like disinfectant pain relief spray are especially helpful for treating cuts while hiking or camping.

Pack antibacterial bandages in your bag for a trip to the playground. Toss antiseptic spray in your bag to sanitize cuts from dirty slides and swings. Among first aid supplies, antiseptic bandages are a must-have for covering open skin completely so kids can play rough without bandages coming off. Also a spritz of disinfectant pain relief spray helps speed healing.
Products 1 - 5 of 5

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