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Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizers & Sanitizing Wipes

Antibacterial Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizing Wipes & Sanitizer

Use antibacterial soap that offers rich suds that also sanitize your hands. Look for hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, antibacterial dish soap and other must-have products at SQUIX, and keep these products throughout the house and in the car. Consider antibacterial wipes in both travel sizes and economical family packs, such as Wet Ones Wipes. These sanitizing wipes are ideal for cleaning up sticky fingers in and out of the house, and the hand wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria without drying or irritating skin.

When your family uses antibacterial soap, you feel better knowing that you're defending your loved ones against harmful germs. For hand sanitizers, browse for hand wipes made with skin-soothing ingredients such as moisturizing aloe. Take these antibacterial wipes with you during travel, from long business trips with multiple layovers to short jaunts to the playground with the kids. The best sanitizing wipes not only quickly eliminate germs, but they also don't leave a tacky residue or a chemical odor.

Wash with antibacterial soap and feel confident you're cleaning and sanitizing your hands. Along with hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap, consider antibacterial dish soaps and all-purpose bacteria-fighting sprays.

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For antibacterial soap, try liquid hand soap in a handy pump dispenser that makes cleaning and disinfecting easy, even for little ones.

Whether you need an antibacterial soap for the kitchen or a large canister of hand wipes, browse the antibacterial products for the home at SQUIX. Look for hand sanitizers and other products from the brand names that you trust, such as Purell, Wet Ones, Clorox and Dial. Place antibacterial wipes throughout the house, and bring these handy cleansers with you during long vacations and weekend road trips. We have hand wipes and other gels, liquids and soaps that keep bacteria and dirt at bay wherever you go.

Place antibacterial soap in bathrooms and keep a disinfectant bar in the kitchen for quick cleaning in between food preparation. Keep hand sanitizers within close reach of the baby crib in the nursery, and store extra hand sanitizers in the glove compartment of your car. Another place to keep antibacterial wipes is the garage, where a canister of hand wipes will be appreciated after bike repairs and at-home car tune-ups. Along with hand wipes, consider phone screen and laptop screen wipes that you can use in the bedroom, home office and living room.

The best antibacterial soap products shouldn't only eliminate dirt, grease and grime, but the cleansers should also fight the toughest illness-causing bacteria. For the best hand sanitizer, soaps and liquids, try SQUIX, where we carry products that kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria. We have antibacterial wipes and other household and travel products that are made without alcohol or parabens, and some products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested as well. Look for sanitizing wipes made with moisturizers that soften and protect skin.

While traveling, bring an antibacterial soap in a portable size that fits easily into your carry-on bag, backpack or purse. Hit the road with hand sanitizers that come in single sizes that you can drop into your pocket for easy access when soap and water aren't nearby. Take antibacterial wipes with you during impromptu getaways to the beach and keep hands clean after collecting seashells. Take sanitizing wipes with you into a restaurant to clean hands and messes right away.
Products 1 - 20 of 28

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