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Antibacterial Toothbrush & Antiseptic Mouthwash

Toothbrush Heads, Antibacterial Mouthwash & Toothbrush Sterilizer

For dental care, a toothbrush sanitizer and other dental products are essential to your family's mouth health. For home or travel, an antibacterial toothbrush and other dental care products are a must for any family because our mouths need daily care no matter where we are. Whether it's antibacterial mouthwash or pocket breath fresheners, SQUIX carries all the dental care essentials in one place. So grab antiseptic mouthwash and antibacterial toothbrushes for your home and your travel bags, so you never go without germ protection and fresh breath.

Get a toothbrush sanitizer for your home bathroom as well as your luggage so your toothbrush is protected at home and away. Use an antibacterial toothbrush to keep bacteria from building up on the bristles when it's not in use. We also carry antibacterial mouthwash, so even when you don't brush, you still kill 99.9% of mouth germs. From antiseptic mouthwash to innovative UV toothbrush sanitizers, the dental products we carry have your dental needs covered.

Kill toothbrush germs with toothbrush sanitizer products like the UV toothbrush sanitizer. Even without an antibacterial toothbrush, the toothbrush sanitizer eliminates bacteria from the bristles with ease.

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We carry toothbrush sanitizer products that kill 99.9% of bacteria from your toothbrushes.

Without a toothbrush sanitizer, bacteria from our mouths, our bathrooms or our travel bags build up on the bristles of our toothbrushes. That's why an antibacterial toothbrush or a toothbrush sanitizer is so important to kill these germs before we put them back into our mouths. Whether it's antibacterial mouthwash and antibacterial toothpaste, SQUIX carries the dental care products that kill mouth germs, prevent bacteria from building up and promote fresh breath. So pick up some antiseptic mouthwash and other dental products for your home and your luggage, and don't give germs a chance.

When traveling, take your toothbrush sanitizer to protect your toothbrush from germs in places like hotel bathrooms. Our antibacterial toothbrush selection gives you a choice of color and design, keeping germs away with style. Our travel size antibacterial mouthwash allows for light packing and germ protection everywhere. Also, try the different antiseptic mouthwash flavors, so not only are germs killed, but your breath smells fresh.

While your toothbrush sanitizer is working at home, let fresh breath and germ protection follow you when you go out. In addition to antibacterial toothbrush products at SQUIX, we also carry breath spray for when your breath needs to be at its best. Also, like antibacterial mouthwash, breath strips give you germ-killing power anytime when you're on the go. Along with travel-friendly antiseptic mouthwash, we also carry travel toothbrush protectors for when the kids have sleepovers and need toothbrush protection.

Clip on a toothbrush sanitizer whenever you bring your toothbrush to the gym and keep your toothbrush bristles protected from touching your dirty gym clothes. For work, throw your antibacterial toothbrush into your purse or briefcase and rest easy that your bristles are fighting off whatever germs they may encounter. Bring some antibacterial mouthwash to work as well, for those after-lunch meetings when your breath needs to be fresh. From antiseptic mouthwash to antibacterial toothbrushes, the dental care products we carry are strong enough for when you're home and portable for when you're not.
Products 1 - 20 of 24

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