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From hand sanitizer to sanitizing spray, SQUIX carries all the germ-killing cleaning essentials for your home. We carry sanitizers for nearly every surface in your home, removing the dirt and dust that you can see and the germs and allergens that you can't. With sanitizer spray, germs like cold and flu viruses don't linger and won't get passed on to the people in your home. We even carry phone sanitizer and disinfectant for other electronics that keep your family better protected no matter where they are in the house.

Pick up hand sanitizer for every room in the house, so disinfecting your hands is easy wherever you are. Try the sanitizers that we carry for nurseries if you or someone you know is bringing home a newborn. Stock up on sanitizer spray that works anywhere, so you never run out when you need it the most. From phone sanitizer to sanitizing wipes, the products we carry help you kill germs in your home so you can rest easy.

Use hand sanitizer when you want to kill germs on your hands that you pick up throughout the day. These sanitizers kill 99.9% of bacteria without drying out your hands.

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We carry hand sanitizer that is strong enough for the toughest germs yet gentle enough for a baby's skin.

When you're looking for hand sanitizer and other disinfectant products for the home, SQUIX is the best place to shop. You'll find sanitizers that work on blankets, stoves, floors or windows. The sanitizer spray selection we carry runs from heavy-duty cleaners to gentle disinfectants. We also carry phone sanitizer and electronics disinfectant for sensitive screens and wiring.

For the times that hand sanitizer isn't enough, we carry disinfectant that targets and kill germs in specific rooms like your bathroom. With bathroom sanitizers, the germs in your showers, toilets and sinks are destroyed before ever getting on your skin. We also carry sanitizer spray that is ideal for surfaces in your kitchen, including the refrigerator and even food contact surfaces. For the home office, phone sanitizer and other electronic disinfectants keep you and your devices working smoothly.

Hand sanitizer is always important, but when there's a newborn around, different measures need to be taken. That's why we carry sanitizers that are specially designed with baby's health in mind. Much of the sanitizer spray that we carry works on multiple surfaces, so you can go through and sanitize every room before bringing a newborn home. Some products, like the phone sanitizer available at SQUIX, use innovative technology to kill germs, so your phone is protected from germs after sharing photos of your little one.

For the bedroom, hand sanitizer and other disinfectants are important because we spend so much of our time there. Also, look for sanitizers like sprays that feature popular scents, to leave behind a nice fragrance after disinfecting rooms. In addition to sanitizer spray and other cleaners, we also carry cloths and wipes to help in the cleaning process. From phone sanitizer to hand sanitizer for kids, we carry the products to make your family home as clean and protected from germs as possible.
Products 1 - 20 of 31

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