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Disinfecting Sprays & Antibacterial Aerosol Sprays

Antibacterial Yoga Mat Sprays & Household Disinfectant Wipes

With disinfectant sprays for the home, at work or at the gym, SQUIX carries the products that help you keep germs away from the surfaces that you touch most often. From antibacterial yoga mat sprays to household disinfectant wipes, all of the products we carry are designed to kill germs and quickly. Whether it’s antibacterial aerosol sprays or antibacterial wipes that you’re after, these cleaners work fast and travel light, making them perfect for home and away. Get those household disinfectant wipes and disinfectant sprays and start ridding your life, your home and your surfaces of germs.

At work or play, disinfectant sprays make the surfaces you visit the most a lot safer to be around. Bring antibacterial yoga mat sprays with you to the gym and spray down the equipment before and after using it. If antibacterial aerosol sprays aren’t your thing, we also carry yoga wipes that remove germs and are gentle on skin. Even though household disinfectant wipes say house, they are still ideal for the office, so keep some at your desk and work without the germs.

The variety of different disinfectant sprays that we carry allow you to kill germs the way that you want and need. From antibacterial yoga mat sprays to alcohol-free antibacterial sprays, you’ll find the cleaners that fit your lifestyle.

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Make disinfectant sprays and antibacterial wipes a priority for your home cleaning products.

For the home, disinfectant sprays are useful in almost any room and on almost any surface. Even the antibacterial yoga mat sprays are perfect for use on chairs and benches in the home or when you’re out. Whether it’s antibacterial aerosol sprays or a natural, eco-friendly spray, these household cleaning products at SQUIX take the chore out of quick cleanups when they show up. From household disinfectant wipes for active families or antibacterial wipes for busy families, we carry the products that match your family’s style of life.

For parents, we carry disinfectant sprays that kill germs on sports equipment, even inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, eliminating smelly sports bags. Like the antibacterial yoga mat sprays, these sprays are gentle enough to use on equipment that comes in contact with skin, like shin guards or workout benches. Along with antibacterial aerosol sprays, we also carry antibacterial wipes that perform just as well and come in a resealable package. Unlike many household disinfectant wipes, these wipes are also portable so throw them into the kids’ sports bag and let them take care of the germ-killing duties themselves.

For allergy sufferers, disinfectant sprays are an easy way to reduce or even eliminate symptoms in the areas that need it. In addition to the antibacterial yoga mat sprays, SQUIX carries disinfectant sprays that eliminate allergens from surfaces. Both the antibacterial aerosol sprays and the antibacterial wipes are able to be used outside on the patio furniture, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without picking up allergens leftover on your chairs from allergy season. Reach for household disinfectant wipes that eliminate allergens and breathe a little easier in and around your own home.

For pet owners, many disinfectant sprays that we carry are made with natural ingredients that kill germs without leftover odors or residues. Like the antibacterial yoga mat sprays, SQUIX carries antibacterial sprays that kill germs on contact but are gentle on skin and don’t use harsh chemicals, ideal for surfaces that pets frequent. We also carry antibacterial aerosol sprays that eliminate tough odors in fabrics, so you’ll enjoy your pets without any lingering smells. From household disinfectant wipes to disinfectant sprays, you’ll find what you and your pet are looking for.
Products 1 - 10 of 10

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