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Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloths & Phone Roller Screen Cleaners

Travel Size Microfiber Cloths & Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Whether it’s antimicrobial microfiber cloths or disinfecting wipes at SQUIX, make sure to keep these types of products handy wherever you go. With phone roller screen cleaners in your purse, for example, a day at the park won’t lead to a germ-riddled phone. Or, with travel size microfiber cloths in your briefcase, you’ll remove your workstation germs before you track them home to your family. Even throw some antibacterial hand wipes into the kids’ backpacks, so they don’t carry home dirt and germs in their little hands after school.

Bring antimicrobial microfiber cloths with you when you leave your home and remove dirt and germs from surfaces with ease. Similarly, phone roller screen cleaners allow you to keep your phones looking as new as the day you got them.

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Use antimicrobial microfiber cloths on the electronics in your life to gently remove germs and fingerprints.

When traveling, carrying antimicrobial microfiber cloths and the other cleaning supplies at SQUIX allow you to manage small cleanups without carrying around large products. When camping, for example, phone roller screen cleaners remove the worst dirt and fingerprints, keeping your devices looking clean. Or throw some travel size microfiber cloths in your luggage and even wipe away bacteria from your electronic screens. Of course, antibacterial hand wipes are always welcome on any trip, especially camping when soap and water might not be accessible or readily available.

For the everyday, antimicrobial microfiber cloths and the other supplies at SQUIX are just as useful as ever. Like the phone roller screen cleaners, the phone cleaners we carry make it easy to remove dirt and germs from the handheld devices that we use so often. From travel size microfiber cloths to phonesoap, we carry a number of products that protect and gently clean your expensive electronic screens. Along with electronics cleaners, antibacterial hand wipes, facial tissue and even daily sanitizing spray are also available at SQUIX, so be sure to pick up the products that fit your family and your home best.
Products 1 - 12 of 12

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