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Travel Size Toiletries & Antibacterial Toiletries

Antibacterial Mouthwash, Travel Toothbrushes & Travel Toiletries

Don’t travel without travel size toiletries in your luggage because not only do they provide the same germ protection as your home toiletries, but they are portable and designed for the rigors of travel. While away from your antibacterial toiletries at home, these travel toiletries keep germs and infection at bay. From antibacterial mouthwash in full size or travel size to standard adult toothbrushes or travel toothbrushes that fold, SQUIX sanitizing toiletries offer something for everyone. Grab antibacterial bandages, soaps and sanitizers as well, all in travel-friendly sizes or packages, and be on your way

Travel size toiletries are not only useful when you’re traveling across the world. In fact, antibacterial toiletries in travel sizes make it easier to bring toiletries anywhere, whether it’s work or school or cross-country. While lugging antibacterial mouthwash around in your purse might be an issue of space, the travel size toiletries allow you to store it inconspicuously and without adding unnecessary weight. From antibacterial bandages to prepackaged travel kits, the travel toiletries at SQUIX are meant to help protect you from the germs of day-to-day activities once you leave your home, no matter where that is.

Get travel size toiletries for everyone in your family and help keep them safe from germs everywhere they go. Not only do antibacterial toiletries kill germs, but many of the travel toiletries keep you looking and smelling your best.

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Discover the convenience of travel size toiletries, helping you kill germs wherever the road takes you.

With travel size toiletries at SQUIX by your side, the everyday germs encountered are no match for you. Durable and light, antibacterial toiletries in travel packages are stored virtually anywhere, so there’s no excuse to leave home without them. Take some antibacterial mouthwash to work in your purse to refresh your breath for those after lunch meetings. Keep some antibacterial bandages handy for when paperwork turns into a papercut, keeping a small injury small.

On vacation, travel size toiletries are not only helpful, they’re necessary. Nearly all of the antibacterial toiletries come in travel sizes so the liquids are able to fly with you while not adding noticeable weight to your luggage. In addition to antibacterial mouthwash, we also carry portable UV sanitizers that kill germs on your toothbrush bristles before your next brushing. Along with antibacterial bandages, we also carry antibacterial soaps and other sanitizing toiletries that allow you to take germ control into your own hands at hotels or anywhere else you stay.

For the kids, travel size toiletries at SQUIX allow you to ensure that they’re protected from germs even when they’re out of your sight. With antibacterial toiletries that easily fit in backpacks, school trips or even regular school days don’t have to end with germs. Instead of antibacterial mouthwash, give them pocket-sized germ-killers for bad breath, so they have fresh breath all day long. Even antibacterial bandages are ideal for kids and their active games, inhibiting infection in a wound before it starts.

For new parents, travel size toiletries and other sanitizing toiletries are a blessing to have in your baby bag. Many of the antibacterial toiletries that we carry are specifically designed for babies, including prepackaged bundles with antimicrobial fabrics to keep germs off of sensitive skin. Like antibacterial mouthwash that is too harsh for babies, many hand sanitizers and soaps are as well, and that’s why we carry alcohol-free cleaners that kill germs but stay gentle on baby-soft skin. Don’t forget antibacterial bandages either for those clumsy new walkers and little bumps and scrapes.
Products 1 - 20 of 32

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