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Antibacterial Mattress Pad & Crib Mattress Pads

Fleece Travel Sheets & Antimicrobial Crib Sheets

With an antibacterial fleece blanket at SQUIX, your baby is better protected from germs and even moisture when they sleep. Antimicrobial baby blankets lock up moisture and pull it away from the skin, perfect for car rides or plane trips when changing is more difficult. Plus, fleece travel sheets even give some extra cushion to provide more support on uncomfortable seats or mattresses. Antimicrobial crib sheets also fight off bacteria from the surfaces underneath, so you don’t have to spray down the mattresses beforehand.

Put an antibacterial fleece blanket at the top of your baby shower registry or gift it to the new parents in your life. With antimicrobial baby blankets and the other antibacterial baby essentials at SQUIX, the babies in your life are better protected from germs.

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Giving your baby an antibacterial fleece blanket makes your job as a parent a little easier.

From an antibacterial fleece blanket to antimicrobial crib sheets, the baby products at SQUIX turn any nursery into a germ-fighting machine. While antimicrobial baby blankets are designed for use at home, take them with you in the car, so whenever and wherever you are your baby can sleep soundly. Plus, fleece travel sheets have the natural germ-fighting power of silver, so if your babies spill or leak without you knowing, they are still defended from germs. Keep antimicrobial crib sheets in your baby bag and use them whenever your baby needs to lie down.

As a gift, an antibacterial fleece blanket is perfect for any nursery, baby bag and season. With antimicrobial baby blankets, new parents give their little ones moisture protection, germ protection and weather protection, all in one. In addition, fleece travel sheets are ideal for extended trips away from a washing machine and soap and water because the antimicrobial fibers inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odors. Stock up on antimicrobial crib sheets and even extend the life of your nursery mattresses by shielding them with moisture wicking fabric and better germ-resistant technology.
Products 1 - 1 of 1

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