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Antibacterial Dish Rags, Wash Cloths & Activity Mats

Antimicrobial Towels, Bamboo Bath Towels & Antibacterial Hand Towels

Make antibacterial dish rags and the other towels and mats at SQUIX must-haves for your family because the fabrics we carry actively fight germs so you don’t have to. From antibacterial wash cloths to antimicrobial door mats, the products here require less washing and less maintenance, which means more time for you. While an antimicrobial door mat shields germs on shoes from entering the home, the cleaning cloths remove germs from almost any surface in the home. Also, the antimicrobial towels and dish cloths make showers and kitchen cleanups safer than ever before as well.

At home or away, antibacterial dish rags and the other germ-killing fabrics focus on protecting you so you can focus on more important things. Bring antimicrobial wash cloths that resist odor-causing bacteria to work and throw out those stinky, old cloths and sponges. While an antimicrobial door mat reduces office germs as well, we also carry cloths that quickly clean and remove germs from electronics gently and without the need for additional cleaners. For after work, keep antimicrobial towels in your gym bag and forget about mildew and the other odors that like to grow on moist fabrics.

With antibacterial dish rags and other protective towels and mats in your life, fabric germs are a thing of the past. Pick up wash cloths, towels and mats that combat growing and odor-causing bacteria, keeping the fabrics in your world smelling fresh and feeling great.

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Start cleaning with antibacterial dish rags and reduce the germs, the smells and the extra work.

Bring antibacterial dish rags and other fabrics into your home and start getting the germs out of it. By cleaning with antimicrobial wash cloths, every room and every surface in your home is ridden of germs without worrying about them clinging to the fabrics only to be transferred elsewhere. Keep an antimicrobial door mat at every entrance from the outside and keep those nasty outdoor germs where they belong. With the antimicrobial towels, cloths and mats at SQUIX, your home’s fabrics become the last place that germs want to hide.

In the kitchen, antibacterial dish rags are a no-brainer, making quick work of foodborne bacteria on dishes and resisting the odors that tend to grow in them. Along with wash cloths, we also carry cloths that are specifically designed for those tougher kitchen surfaces like stovetops and stainless steel appliances. All fabrics, even the antimicrobial door mat at SQUIX, are machine-washable as well, meaning you’ll quickly refresh and revitalize the germ-killing power with each wash. Also, keep antimicrobial towels or antibacterial hand towels handy in the kitchen to wipe off the germs from your hands before you track them into other rooms.

In addition to the antibacterial dish rags at SQUIX, we also carry bathroom-specific cloths that work on multiple surfaces like tubs, sinks and showers, removing soap scum and other buildups with only water. Plus, the wash cloths we carry not only remove bacteria from your body and inhibit bacteria growth in the fabrics, but they are soft and absorbent as well. Similar to the antimicrobial door mat, these bathroom fabrics also resist mold and mildew growth, meaning more time between washes and a longer life for the fabrics. Stock up on antimicrobial towels, like the bamboo bath towels, and dry better.

While antibacterial dish rags take care of your kitchen and dishes, pick up antibacterial cloths for the other rooms and surfaces in your home, like glass cloths or all-purpose cloths. These other wash cloths feature similar antibacterial technology, removing germs, dirt and grime from the places that need it the most. Along with an antimicrobial door mat, we also carry antimicrobial activity mats for your little ones, so they can play wherever, without you worrying about germs. With antimicrobial towels, cloths and mats keeping the rooms in your home safe, no room in your home is safe for germs.
Products 1 - 19 of 19

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