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Versatile antibacterial wipes will quickly become your go-to cleansers and sanitizers, from cleaning up messy little faces and fingers at restaurants to disinfecting your children's hands after hours spent on the playground. You'll find plenty of disinfectant wipes at SQUIX, and we offer the most-trusted brands, such as Wet Ones and Lysol. Browse for disinfecting wipes for the bathroom, kitchen, nursery and travel. Many cleaning wipes offer an popular scents, such as citrus, lemongrass, tea tree oil or eucalyptus.

What makes antibacterial wipes disinfecting must-haves is their terrific portability, and you can take cleaning wipes with you for extended business trips or short jaunts to the grocery store. Bring along disinfectant wipes when you've got tickets to the opening game of your favorite baseball team, or take these handy sanitizing wipes with you to all-day outdoor summer concerts. Travel-size disinfecting wipes store easily in your gym duffel, backpack or carry-on. Cleaning wipes are the perfect solution for removing dirt and fighting bacteria whenever water and soap aren't available.

Slide travel-size antibacterial wipes into your shirt pocket or purse. Bring a canister of disinfectant wipes to the gym to store in your locker.

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Place packages of antibacterial wipes throughout your home, and keep cleaning wipes in your car for road trips.

With antibacterial wipes, you won't stress over a mess. For powerful disinfectant wipes that tackle bacteria and clean up spills and stains, discover the cleaning wipes available at SQUIX. Many disinfecting wipes eliminate mold and mildew as well as virus-causing bacteria lurking around your home. You'll love cleaning wipes for their germ-fighting strength and because these sanitizing wipes are go-everywhere cleansers that remove dirt and bacteria in homes, the office and when you're on the road.

We have antibacterial wipes that come in large, economical canisters of sanitizing wipes. For more portable disinfectant wipes, stock up on individually packaged antibacterial wipes that fit easily into shirt pockets and purses. Browse the many disinfecting wipes available, which can include cleaning wipes specifically formulated to fight germs in the shower and tub. Look for cleaning wipes for the baby's nursery that help keep the changing table, crib, and baby's little hands and feet clean and disinfected.

The antibacterial wipes available at SQUIX can include cleaning wipes that are free from alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances and dyes. Some disinfectant wipes are extra thick, which increases their absorbency and softness, and these cleaning wipes will feel especially comfortable for newborns. These and other disinfecting wipes can also feature moisturizers, like aloe vera, so the sanitizing wipes won't dry out skin. For more cleaning wipes, consider antibacterial wipes with a patented disinfecting technology based on thyme oil that deodorizes rooms.

The best antibacterial wipes won't leave behind residue, so that surfaces are clean, smooth and can be used immediately after they're wiped and sanitized. The best disinfectant wipes also don't leave a chemical odor behind, and you'll find cleaning wipes in a variety of fragrances. Look for disinfecting wipes with a light citrus scent that is a blast of freshness for rooms with stale air. Use cleaning wipes with a fresh lemongrass scent, or browse for sanitizing wipes infused with tea tree oil that's also a treat for your senses.
Products 1 - 20 of 22

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