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Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloths & Disinfectant Concentrate

Antibacterial Pet Supplies, Phone Sanitizing Wipes & Kitchen Tools

Pick disinfectant household cleaners and other products at SQUIX to kill germs at home. We have accessories like antimicrobial microfiber cloths, antimicrobial phone cases and phone sanitizing wipes that help keep devices free of germs. Cleanse with disinfectant concentrate to destroy mold and mildew and use antibacterial soap to wash dishes. Also get antibacterial pet supplies to manage the germs your dog or cat brings in from the backyard.

Rely on disinfectant household cleaners like surface cleaners and sanitizing wipes for spring cleaning. Scrub with antimicrobial microfiber cloths to sanitize showers, tubs and floors. Then mix disinfectant concentrate with water to create powerful cleaning solutions for toilets and sinks. Also make antibacterial pet supplies part of your cleaning routine, keeping pet dishes and areas sanitized.

Use disinfectant household cleaners for their pleasant scent. Cleaning with antimicrobial microfiber cloths can also help reduce the germs that cause odors.

Select disinfectant household cleaners that remove germs from hard surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens.

Bring disinfectant household cleaners from SQUIX to clean a new house. Wipe down windowsills with antimicrobial microfiber cloths to remove dust and germs. Then mop floors with disinfectant concentrate to destroy bacteria in grout and along baseboards. Unpack your antibacterial pet supplies when it’s time to bring your cat and dog to their new home.

Take out disinfectant household cleaners after a child in the house has been sick. Antimicrobial microfiber cloths minimize the spread of germs from door knobs and light switches. Use disinfectant concentrate on commonly touched surfaces to prevent contact germs from lingering. Also, antibacterial pet supplies come in handy to keep germs off of beds and bowls of family pets.

Clean up with disinfectant household cleaners at SQUIX after a big party has left your house a big mess. Take your antimicrobial microfiber cloths to stair rails and countertops to eliminate germs left by guests. Fill spray bottles with disinfectant concentrate and sanitize bathroom surfaces which were heavily used at the party. And with antibacterial pet supplies, you can protect your cat or dog with a germ-fighting bath after being petting frequently.

Get disinfectant household cleaners to kill mold and germs when your basement floods. Clean with antimicrobial microfiber cloths to sanitize surfaces affected by the water. Then use disinfectant concentrate to scrub floors and kill mold before it becomes a problem. Also use antibacterial pet supplies to protect your cat or dog from mildew.

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