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Monthly Box Subscriptions of Antibacterial Products

Monthly Subscription of Antibacterial Soap, Antibacterial Wipes & Sprays

Select subscription boxes at SQUIX to receive essentials for your housecleaning routine. Customize your monthly box subscriptions with lots of different germ-fighting products. Use your monthly subscription to get antibacterial wipes and antibacterial spray for everyday sanitizing. Or stock up on antibacterial soap for your bathroom or kitchen.

Use contents of the subscription boxes to clean every room in your home. Try monthly box subscriptions featuring surface cleaners and disinfectant sprays. And with your monthly subscription, you can test new products to see if they fit your needs. Get the best antibacterial soap, antibacterial wipes or antibacterial spray with every monthly box.

Get subscriptions boxes with discount shipping on your first order. And pause monthly box subscriptions anytime.

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Create subscriptions boxes customized for households with allergy concerns.

Sign up for subscription boxes by filling out a lifestyle questionnaire. The monthly box subscriptions can include recommendations based on how often you travel or the number of people in your household. And your monthly subscription also lets you choose personal favorites for keeping your house clean. Whether you use antibacterial soap, antibacterial wipes or other sanitizing products, you'll find everything you need.

Swap contents of subscription boxes to try out new hand sanitizers or other sanitizing products at SQUIX and see which have fragrances you prefer. Select your monthly box subscriptions based on your favorite choices. Your monthly subscription also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know we stand behind our products. Try different antibacterial soap products along with hand sanitizer as additional germ-fighting products.

Select subscriptions boxes with SQUIX products that are ideal for sanitizing with a newborn at home. The monthly box subscriptions can include alcohol free foam sanitizers and antibacterial wipes that are also free of alcohol. Your monthly subscription can include other cleaning essentials like high chair disinfectant spray or toy disinfectant spray to reduce the germs in the nursery. And add antibacterial soap to your monthly box to keep your own hands clean when holding baby.
Products in your subscription boxes are helpful for sanitizing during travel. The monthly box subscriptions can include antibacterial wipes and antibacterial spray that reduce germs in hotel rooms and airports. Your monthly subscription can also include a antimicrobial travel tote made of germ-fighting material. Also stock up on antibacterial soap to help keep hands clean when you return home.
Products 1 - 20 of 121