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Finding the best antibacterial products and antimicrobial products to fight germs is easy at SQUIX. We carry unique antimicrobial products, brand name cleansers and innovative household items to help you battle bacteria – all available in one convenient place. Look for disinfectant cleaners for the home, products that help protect babies from germs, and everyday necessities like antibacterial soap. Search for hand sanitizer to use when out and about, disinfectant spray from your favorite brands and antibacterial products designed especially for disinfecting kitchens or bathrooms.

Many of the antibacterial products we carry kill 99% of germs, and you'll find bacteria fighting products made with natural ingredients and free of harsh chemicals or scents. Browse antimicrobial products when you want to wipe out mold, fungus or other microorganisms. Search location categories for disinfectant items to use around the house, during travel and at specific locations like a school, office or gym. Popular items like hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and antibacterial soap are just a click away.  

Get the best antibacterial products regularly with QBox monthly box subscriptions. You'll receive antimicrobial products, disinfectant spray or products like antibacterial soap, or customize the subscription boxes for your preferences.

We carry antimicrobial and antibacterial products from all your favorite brands.

Shopping for antibacterial products for the family, the office and travel often means running around to different stores. Not any more, as antimicrobial products and antibacterial products for every location, situation and destination are available in one place at SQUIX. We find the best disinfectants, cleaners, antibacterial devices and household products from the best brands, and offer them in one place to save you time. From hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap to phone sanitizers and antibacterial towel sets, we make it easy fight germs anytime, anywhere – and win.

When you need antibacterial products for the home, browse the large selection of sanitizers and cleaners. Try antimicrobial products designed especially for showers and tubs, along with disinfectant sprays suited for kitchen food surfaces. You'll find gentle disinfectant wipes to use in baby's nursery, antibacterial soap to stock the kitchen and bath, disinfectant spray for pet areas, and innovative products to easily clean and sanitize windows, furniture and floors. We carry travel-friendly sanitizer to use on planes or at the gym, and plenty of disinfecting essentials for the workplace.

Stock up on antibacterial products like bandages and disinfectant spray for first aid kits, along with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for the car. Look through unique antimicrobial products for the kitchen at SQUIX, such as bamboo cutting boards and even find hypoallergenic bamboo pillows for the bedrooms. For baby, we carry disinfectant spray for binkies and high chairs, along with antimicrobial bibs, bodysuits and blankets. And find unique sanitizer products that fight germs on toothbrushes, smartphones, TV screens or door mats.

Have your favorite antibacterial products shipped right to your door every month by choosing QBox subscription boxes. This service provides antimicrobial products and antibacterial products based on your lifestyle. Three full-sized products, like disinfectant spray, antibacterial soap or a cleaning cloth, are featured in monthly box subscriptions, along with free gifts. And if disinfectant spray isn't your thing, go ahead and customize items yourself, whether you want antiseptic mouthwash or organic hand sanitizer. Whatever sanitizer, disinfectant, toiletry or household item you want, we make it easy for you to find the best products to fight germs.

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