Bactine Pain Disinfectant Relieving Spray

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Cuts and scrapes are no match for Bactine spray.

Fix up your little ones with Bactine spray and create a barrier against harmful germs and bacteria. This disinfectant spray features germ-killing micro-active bubbles that gently work to scrub away bacteria while providing pain relief. Unlike hydrogen peroxide-based antibacterial sprays, this antiseptic spray won't sting. Give them a reason to be tough with a wound spray that relieves pain on contact and helps them get back to play. Plus, you'll be confident in knowing that their scrapes will heal easier using an antibacterial product you know and trust.

Benefits Include:
- Bactine Pain Relieving Spray features germ-killing micro-active bubbles for a gentle clean
- The disinfectant cleaner relieves pain on contact
- Won't sting like other hydrogen peroxide-based wound sprays
- Helps wounds heal without harmful germs and bacteria
- Size: 5 oz
- UPC: 1650050827

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Benzalkonium Cl 0.13% w/w...........….…………………First aid antiseptic Lidocaine HCl 2.5% w/w...........……………….….……Pain relieving spray

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