FDA Ruling

SQUIX is happy to share the news that the FDA has made their final ruling on the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps on Friday, September 2, 2016. We are 100% on board with their decision to ban certain ingredients found in antiseptic wash products (including hand washes and body washes). In fact, none of the products we carry contain any of the ingredients banned by the FDA in this recent ruling. From the beginning, we promised you, our germ-fighting partners, that we would not carry any products that contained potentially harmful ingredients, including Triclosan, even before this ruling came out.

We are committed to providing you safe and effective products for all your germ-fighting needs. Many of our brands have made it their mission to provide alcohol-free and all natural products. From CleanSmart to Mrs. Jones to Better Life to e-cloth and many more, we have a great selection of all natural and effective brands available to you on squix.com.