Pre-School Germs

It’s the norm for new parents to be germ-conscious. When my new babies came home from the hospital, I filled my house with sanitizer in every room – and it didn’t stop there! Anyone that came to visit had to first wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap and then sanitize if they wanted to come near my little ones. I thought the paranoia would stop after they turned one, but boy was I wrong…

Now I have two toddlers in pre-school and one in grade school. While it’s always good to expose kids to colds at an early age because it builds their immunities, it’s also a big pain to have them come home sick and most of the time, get the entire family sick! Unfortunately, we only have so much control over kids and their exposure to germs.

A few weeks ago, I received a memo from my kids’ pre-school informing parents of the recent spread of “Pink Eye” (Conjunctivitis) amongst a few of the children. I immediately felt alarmed – although this isn’t that big of a deal, it’s HIGHLY contagious, and very uncomfortable for kids. I checked out both of my kids to make sure they weren’t showing any signs and so far, so good! But still, these things are constantly happening in schools due to kids sharing toys, putting everything in their mouths, touching door handles and simply breathing on each other. After this little scare, I reevaluated what I as a parent could be doing to help prevent my kids from contracting and spreading these contagious viruses.

Here are some recommendations:
1. When you pick your kids up from school, give them a safe and gentle hand sanitizer (in my family, we call it “Han-i-tizer) and have them apply it right when they get into your car. Babyganics Alcohol-free Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a great choice and the foam makes it fun for kids to use.

2. After you arrive home, make your kids (and you) take off your shoes before entering the house. Every germ you pick up outside of the home gets tracked into your on your shoes – pretty gross! Or, if you insist on keeping your shoes on, invest in an antimicrobial doormat, like one from Dr. Doormat. It removes up to 90% of the dirt and grime off your shoes.

3. I know I mentioned the importance of using a hand sanitizer in the car after school pickup, but it’s still important to have kids wash their hands when they get home with an anti-bacterial soap. Pick something cute, foamy and fun to get your kids into the habit at an early age – trust me, the routine will be come second-nature. Again, I love Babyganics Alcohol Free Foam Hand Soap because it’s fun and safe for my kids to use.

4. If your kids are after-school nappers, one easy step to take is to have them change their clothes before they get into their bed. Remember – at school, they have been rolling around on the floor and having all kinds of contact with other kids. A simple change of clothes will make a big difference in terms of where they spread germs.

5. A good, thorough cleaning is so important to stop the spread of germs. I use the Monofoil Daily Disinfectant Spray which is a health-care grade disinfectant spray that creates an antibacterial shield but is also gentle enough for my home. Spray it on door knobs, light switches, and even the kids’ toys.

6. Most importantly, if your kids have a fever or look/act sick, do us all a favor and don’t send them to school! That’s probably the best decision any parent can make.

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