Summer Camp


I can’t believe it’s summer break time for my kids. Where did the school year go? As I’ve been researching fun things for them to do, I can’t help but think of the summer camps I used to go to. Oh, how fun they were! If I could build a time machine, I would definitely redo one of my many summers away at my summer camp in IMO (Iowa/Missouri border). I went every year for almost 10 years and can easily say that it was a highlight every summer. A little freedom from my family (and sisters ☺) and some bonding time with old and new friends from several surrounding towns. But, enough of the nostalgia and rambling….

As I know from first hand experience, camp is so much fun, but also a time when your kids’ hygienic skills will massively deteriorate. Whether it’s an overnight camp (where kids rarely shower) or a day camp where kids may all put their heads in one bowl to participate in a joint jello eating contest, camp is a time when germs flourish.

If it's a week long summer camp like mine, the best you can do is hope your kid showers at least once and deal with thawing the layer of dirt when your son/daughter comes home. Just kidding…sort of. But seriously, even for those of us whom are extremely germ-conscious, you will have to let go a little bit while your kid is away because he/she isn’t necessarily going to follow all the same rules of hand washing and morning/nighttime hygiene you enforce at home. However, you CAN help by sending them off with some items that will help the cause (even if they don't know about it!). Examples include:

  • - Rainbow Organic Hand Sanitizer for Kids: Organic hand sanitizer for kids helps clean up the germs when soap and water are nowhere near
  • - Propur Av Ulta Lite Filtration Sport Bottle: Kids can keep hydrated on the go with ProPur's water bottle with filter that gets rid of 99.9% of girdia and cryptosporidium, along with removing odors
  • - Eluxury Down Alternative Bamboo Pillow: Featuring a hypoallergenic bamboo pillow cover and a cover that lets air flow through
  • - Eluxury Antibacterial Ultra Soft Bamboo Towel Set: 6 piece set of bamboo bath towels, hand towels and washcloths is more soft and absorbent than standard cotton towels. Not only do they get softer after every wash, but they're also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • - Diva Stuff Antibacterial Pillow Spray: With this bacteria-battling pillow spray, your kids will enjoy a pillow fight of a different type. Featuring a dreamy scent, this pillow mist contains ingredients that kill germs
  • - Neosporin Wound Wash: This is a MUST have item for your kids. This is a foaming liquid that truly doesn’t sting. It foams instantly and kills infectious bacteria and germs found in open wounds.

If you are simply sending your kid off for a day camp, you have the option to put them in a sanitizing chamber before they enter your house each evening. Well, not exactly, but you CAN make sure that they:

  • - Use an antimicrobial backpack that wont trap smelly odors and protects from odor-causing bacteria like this one from Apera
  • - Arm them with an organic hand sanitizer
  • - Take off their shoes before entering the house after camp
  • - Change their clothes immediately (and throw the worn clothes in the washing machine)
  • - Wash their hands thoroughly before doing anything around the house

I hope your kids have just as much fun as I did!