Technically Clean


Today, we all use technology practically every single minute of the day.  Many of you probably have a smart phone, a tablet, a computer, and for some even a smart watch.  I often find myself watching TV, with my laptop propped on my lap and my iPhone sitting right next to me.  It seems a bit excessive when you think about it, but it's the norm!

However, many of us don't think about all of the things that come into contact with our devices throughout the day. For example, if you are like me, you may end up eating your lunch at your desk while simultaneously using the computer. As a result, food and drink debris will get caught in your keyboard, storing crumbs, sticky residue and germs alike.

Or think of all the places your put your phone down throughout the day. Maybe you put it on a chair or table at a restaurant, drop it on the ground, lay it on the treadmill at the gym, shove it in your purse or back pocket, place it on the sink in the bathroom and on and on and on the list goes! Our phones, which have become another appendage to us, go with us everywhere. And that includes places like the bathroom and your bed…not a pleasant combination!

While we all learn from a young age to wash our hands after using the bathroom, flying on a plane or riding on public transportation, for some reason our phones (and other devices) do no get the same treatment.

Want to know 5 places that are surprisingly cleaner than your cell phone (which has 25,107 bacteria per square inch)?
1. A toilet seat (1,201 bacteria per square inch)
2. The kitchen counter (1,736 bacteria per square inch)
3. A pet food dish (2,110 bacteria per square inch)
4. A checkout screen from a retailer (4,500 bacteria per square inch)
5. Door knobs (8,643 bacteria per square inch)

Now that I’ve hopefully convinced you of the need to keep your devices more clean and pristine, here are a couple of great products to keep in your home or at your desk.
For your cell phone:
• For a charger & phone sanitizer in one, the Phonesoap UV Sanitizing Phone Charger is an amazing option to keep your phone clean & powered with battery
• Wireless Wipes in Green Tea Cucumber are a great solution to wipe away cell phone germs

For your computer:
• The name alone says it all! The AM Lab Anti-Schmutz Spray will help keep your laptop and desktop screens free of fingerprints and smudges
• To ensure that your keyboard stays free of food and grime, try the AM Lab Microfiber Cloths

For your tablet:
• In addition to physically protecting you tablet from bumps and bruises, the Nuevue Antimicrobial iPad Case will rid your iPad of 99.9% of surface bacteria and germs

For other amazing solutions for technology and electronics, check out all the options here!