One of the most germ-packed areas for many of us revolves around travel, especially during peak periods like the holidays or spring break.  As a father of 3 boys, I can’t help but think about the germs, especially on planes.  Germs are lingering in overhead bins, the seatback pockets, and the arm rests.  I am quite sure any of you who have recently traveled by air, rail or road have had at least one close (and unpleasant) encounter with germs.  While your seat, tray table and the seatback pocket may look clean enough, don’t be deceived! These are probably the most germ-filled spaces you’ll experience on your entire journey.  


Since you have visited our website, I assume that you also care about health and germ fighting.  Quick quiz; Do you know the top 4 germ “magnets” on an airplane? According to a recent travel segment on LIVE with Kelly & Michael, the following four areas are the most germ-infested parts of a plane according to microbiologist study:


#4 – The seat belt buckle

Seat Belt Buckle


#3 – The bathroom toilet flusher handle

Toilet Flush Button


#2 – Air vents above the seats

Air Vents


#1 – Tray tables

Tray Tables


Here are a few favorite things that I take along on all my flights.  I think you’ll love them too:


1) SQUIX Deluxe Travel Kit

SQUIX Deluxe Travel Kit

2) Lysol To Go Disinfecting Spray

Lysol Disinfectant Spray

 3) Apera Antibacterial Fit Pocket

Apera Antibacterial Fit Pocket

4) Violife Travel Safe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Violife Travel Safe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

5) Cleansmart Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free

Cleansmart Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free

6) Wet Ones Disinfectant Travel Pack

Wet Ones Disinfectant Travel Pack

I wish you all safe travels in the future.  I also hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2016. 

-- SQUIX Founder, David Bernstein