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As the founder and creator of SQUIX, I am excited that you have visited the SQUIX site, the one-stop-shop for fighting germs. You might be wondering why I created SQUIX. Or, maybe if you’re like me, you are thinking why on earth hasn’t there been a site or brand like SQUIX before? Well, here is how this concept became a reality. 

Most of us have some level of germ awareness. Well I am proud to say mine is a little higher than some … like a 7 or 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live in a bubble.  But, there are experiences in life where one can be “aware” and prepared to face germy situations. Like airplanes, escalator railings, public restrooms. I just like to be prepared when it makes sense. I’m guessing you might be a little like me …after all, you found us here at SQUIX.

I am also an entrepreneur. I love the entrepreneurial journey. And, when I recently was searching for an innovative germ-fighting product for my home, I recognized that the item was not widely distributed and there were many more innovative products with limited distribution. More importantly, there wasn’t a company out there focused solely on fighting germs; offering innovative germ fighting products, everyday essentials and a source of information. Thus, the concept for SQUIX was born.   

Here at SQUIX, we take fighting germs seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously. We like to have fun, and we want you to have fun when you go to  

I’d love to hear from you and hear your feedback. Is the site fun? Is it easy to navigate? Is it informative? Are there things you wish we carried or features you wish we had on the site?  Send me an email, and I promise to personally respond.

Thanks for visiting SQUIX.  I look forward to sharing future blogs with my fellow Squix-ers. 

-- Founder, David Bernstein