CleanSmart Daily Surface Cleaner Bleach Free

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Breathe easy with a disinfecting cleaner that's bleach free.

CleanSmart disinfectant spray is your most powerful ally against harmful household germs like cold and flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), listeria and salmonella. With its bleach-free disinfectant formula, this household cleaning product eliminates up to 99.9% of the toughest germs, yet is gentle enough for rinse-free use on food contact surfaces. Ideal for kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and everything in between, this spray disinfectant has no added fragrance, just a light, natural scent with no lingering odors. Plus, CleanSmart disinfecting spray breaks down into a simple saline solution with no chemical residue, making it safe for cooking surfaces and children's toys. Make CleanSmart your trusted antibacterial product for household cleaning that's safe for every member of your family.

Benefits Include:
- CleanSmart disinfectant spray is powered by hypochlorous to eliminate up to 99.9% of hard-to-kill germs in your home including cold and flu, RSV, MRSA, listeria and salmonella
- Enjoy a disinfectant cleaner with no added fragrance, just a light, natural scent with no lingering odors
- This CleanSmart sanitizing product breaks down into a simple saline solution leaving no chemical residue
- The disinfecting cleaner is gentle enough for rinse-free use on food contact surfaces
- Size: 23 oz
- UPC: 85047100505

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Customer Reviews (2 Items)

Love It

on 9/28/2016

I use the CleanSmart baby products - great to see Squix carries the Kitchen products!!! I avoid the products with bleach or dangerous chemicals...CleanSmart is perfect.


on 8/23/2016

First off it smells bitterly of chlorine. Very offensive smell. It streaks stainless to high heaven and it was useless on my white porcelain sink. However I'm happy with grease and grime removal on my solid surface counters and the cabinets. Not confident that my counters are sanitized however since it requires sitting for 60 seconds on food contact surfaces and 10 minutes for non-food surfaces. I wouldn't buy this product again and will save it for cleaning the kitchen cabinets rather than anything requiring a tough scrub.

Salmonella infections are responsible for nearly 1.4 million illnesses each year.
Active Ingredients: Hypochlorous Acid (.017%) Other Ingredients: 99.983%

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