CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free

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Lend a hand to sanitation with CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer.

Pack a hand sanitizer from CleanSmart for on-the-go germ-fighting power. This brand of hand sanitizers makes an ideal travel hand sanitizer when soap and water aren't available, such as on an airplane, at a baseball game or in the car. Safe for the whole family, this alcohol free hand sanitizer is free from harsh ingredients like alcohol, triclosan and BZK, making it a wise choice for sensitive little hands. Arm your family with the best hand sanitizer spray this cold and flu season, and say goodbye to harmful, illness-causing germs.

Benefits Include:
- CleanSmart hand sanitizers are designed without harsh ingredients like alcohol, triclosan and BZK
- Alcohol free hand sanitizers are safe for the whole family
- Hand sanitizer spray is an ideal cleaning alternative when soap and water aren't available
- Prepare for cold and flu season with this antibacterial product that eliminates illness-causing germs
- Size: 8 oz
- UPC: 85047100501

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Each square centimeter of your hand contains about 1,500 bacteria.
Ionized Water (99.9%), Sodium Chloride (.06%), Hypochlorous Acid (.02%), Hypochlorite Ion (.0006%)

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