CleanSmart Pacifier Sanitizer

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Battle bacteria on binkies using this pacifier sanitizer.

CleanSmart Pacifier Sanitizer is the gentle way to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on baby binkies. The sanitizing spray is made without harsh chemicals, and you just spray it on pacifiers and wait 60 seconds. There's no rinsing or wiping needed – you can pop the binkie back in baby's mouth in one minute as the simple ingredients in the sanitizing product break down and dissolve back into saline water after working. Leaving no chemical residue, this CleanSmart disinfectant is the easy approach to sanitizing pacifiers to help protect little ones from germs and viruses like RSV, strep, influenza and E. coli. Use the antimicrobial spray on new pacifiers and everyday teethers, and carry it in diaper bags to sanitize binkies on the go.

Benefits Include:
- CleanSmart Pacifier Sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of germs and viruses on pacifiers and teethers
- Gentle sanitizing spray contains no harmful chemicals
- Spray it on and leave for 60 seconds – no rinsing needed
- Simple ingredients in the sanitizing product break down and dissolve into saline water after working
- Helps rid binkies of bacteria and viruses like strep, RSV, influenza and E. coli
- Antibacterial spray leaves no chemical residue

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Great idea

on 6/29/2016

I didn't know something like this existed. Smells great. Fits perfectly in the diaper bag. It's good to know it's killing germs off her paci before I give it back to my daughter.

Over time, baby's binkie can become contaminated with bacteria and the pacifier can grow a biofilm – a slimy germ coating that could cause conditions like ear infections or colic.
Ionized Water (99.9%), Sodium Chloride (.06%), Hypochlorous Acid (.02%), Hypochlorite Ion (.0006%)

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