CleanWave Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

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A UV toothbrush sanitizer stops germs in their tracks.

A Verilux toothbrush sanitizer is a must-have when traveling with a toothbrush. Think of all of the viruses, germs and bacteria that are in your purse, gym bag or briefcase; that's why a UV toothbrush sanitizer that packs chemically-free UV disinfection is a must. Just pop on the sturdy lid and go; this toothbrush sterilizer does the antimicrobial work for you. Not only does this toothbrush sanitizer clean common toothbrush bacteria and germs, but it also protects your brush from airborne contaminants as well. So the next time you plan to throw your toothbrush in your bag for a quick trip, make sure it's secure with a UV toothbrush sanitizer from Verilux.

Benefits Include:
- This toothbrush sanitizer uses UV light to kill bacteria, germs and viruses on toothbrushes
- Packaged as a sturdy, compact case with lid
- UV disinfection kills common oral bacteria as well as airborne bacteria
- Great for a purse, gym bag, suitcase or briefcase
- UPC: 768533371348

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The average mouth has between 100-200 strains of bacteria, all of which can transfer to your toothbrush during brushing.

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